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>>> Him & Her wrote:
>>>> Hi all,
>>>> SiL said his clutch went today and booked it in a garage for
>>>> Tuesday. Just had a (quick) look and all that was wrong was the
>>>> cable had popped off the pedal.
>>>> Should there be any sort of cap / captive nut / whatever holding it
>>>> in place or does it just hook over the "stub" on the top of the
>>>> pedal. Having had a quick feel around the "stub" it feels smooth so I
>>>> guess it just sits there but want to be sure.
>>> I think you will find it is hydraulic, there is a modified clip
>>> available from fords and AA vans to hold it together.
>> Many thanks Mr. C. I just assumed it was cable ( I blame my age )
>> Will look tomorrow in daylight but car is mobile again anyway.
>> Thanks again.
> Google suggests it IS a cable one ..How has it been fixed ?
> Any clutch cable I have fitted before had a crimped on piece at the
> end that sat in a recess on the end of the pedal iirc.

early fiestas (up to m reg) are cable, later ones are hydraulic.

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> I had this problem on DiL's Fiesta about 3 years ago. The Ford answer
> at the time was to fit a push on retainer on the end of the shaft.
> Like a spring steel washer with teeth on the inside to grip the shaft.
> I couldn't find any the right size and it was a Sunday so I bodged it
> by drilling out a M6 nut to slide over the shaft. I then drilled and
> tapped M3 holes through two of the flats of the nut and fitted two M3
> screws to hold the nut to the shaft.
> It is still working.

It was apparently fine all day Saturday and popped off again Sunday
afternoon. Went out at stupid o'clock this morning and have temporarily held
it in place with a couple of cable ties.

Will drill it later in the week (when we've both got more time) and fit a
washer and split pin. Why Ford didn't do that in the first place.........


"The car in front is a Toyota",
aren't you glad it's in front?

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On Mon, 22 Mar 2010 08:23:07 +0000, Him & Her wrote:


> Will drill it later in the week (when we've both got more time) and fit
> a washer and split pin. Why Ford didn't do that in the first
> place.........

Clearly for cost reasons.

A dozen savings of this type per vehicle might add up to 1UKP. Multiply
this by a million vehicles...

There's every chance that a supplier of the clips that should have been
used let them down; the production line wouldn't be stopped for a missing
clip. They would just let it be sorted out by the dealers.

I recently replaced my 10-year old Focus with a 7-year old one. There are
many tiny changes in materials and assembly methods between the two, all
designed to shave fractions from the production costs.

Many years ago, when Transits were produced at Langley, there was a
problem with the supplier of top hoses. The company contacted the
supplier, who told them they only had ones that had failed the quality
test. Ford told them to send those anyway, and used them.

Ford had over-estimated the mechanical sympathy of the average Tranny
driver; it cost them dearly in terms of warranty claims for head gasket

BTW, other manufacturers will operate in exactly the same way.


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