From: Neeko73 on
I have a quick question for others who may happen to have a 98(ish) 100
series Landcruiser 4.5L petrol on LPG.

How are your heaters? Mine are as good as useless, they get just barely warm
and that is on a warm day, on a cold day forget it, break out the jumpers.
I've flushed them thoroughly but it made no difference.

I was wondering if it could be the way the way the LPG conversion has been
plumbed up, there are tee pieces going from each heater hose to the LPG
converter, I'm not an expert in fluid dynamics but to me the coolant would
be taking the path of least resistance and heading straight through the gas
converter and back again mainly bypassing the heater core.
Is there anyone on the forums qualified enough to say whether it would be
better if the coolant went via another route, like say LPG unit to heater
and then back again. From what I understand the 100 series don't have a
heater tap, they're always on and airflow is just governed by a vane inside
the heater box assembly.

Hope for some advice so I can get them fixed by next winter