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I have an old 1950's Mechanix Illustrated magazine here, there is an
article in the magazine about a 1957 Chevrolet pickup truck that a guy
in the U.S.Army converted to run on Ammonia gas.At first, he
experimented with a lawn mower, getting that to run on Ammonia gas.

The idea was that the Army could park an 18 wheeler truck (with a small
nuclear power plant mounted on the truck) by rivers, or other water
areas and produce Ammonia gas for their trucks and other vehicles.

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Ammonia is powerful stuff.I once worked at a Bordens icecream
factory.Sometimes one of those Ammonia lines/connections would pop
loose, POW!

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On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 14:31:41 +0100, Clive <clive(a)> wrote:
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>> I still prefer the idea of a hydrogen internal combusion engine
>>better, but such things as removing the ammonia produced may be a
>>problem I suppose.
>Where does the ammonia come from?

kitty litter

huge farms of specially raised cats
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On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 10:06:47 -0500, hls <hls(a)nospam.nix> wrote:

>If Obama wants to incentivate business and hire people, wonder why he
>doesnt commission a group to locate the strategic areas in the USA where
>hydroelectric projects would be suitable and efficient to servics the power
>grids, and then BUILD them. We need the water, and we need the "juice".

Name one location where it's cost effective and hasn't been done

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On Tue, 10 Aug 2010 00:19:45 -0400, homey wrote:

> On 8/9/2010 12:16 AM, john wrote:
>> "So you think the Chevrolet Volt electric car will cost too much? Tell
>> that to the Chevy dealer who has already decided to charge $20,000
>> over the sticker price.
>> That's right. Months before the first Volt lands on a showroom floor,
>> there's enough excitement that the dealer -- who earns a living
>> calculating what the market will bear -- is charging nearly 50% more
>> than General Motors' asking price for the revolutionary car.
> VW did that with the new BUG and Toyota would too if they made anything
> worth buying. Doesn't last long for any of them.

Toyota has made cars "worth buying", and dealers have charged over sticker.
One of the more recent examples I can think of was the 1991 MR2. "ADMU"
(Additional Dealer Mark Up, a dealer's "fee" for actually having a car on
the lot) was $1700. Prius' were going for $2500 or more over MSRP.

Ooops...sorry for shooting your post full of holes.