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>> > >That's 40 miles on just the initial battery charge; after that, the
>> > >gasoline motor kicks in to recharge the battery, and you'll keep going for
>> > >so long as there is gas in the tank.
>> > If the engine hasn't run for six months how do you know it hasn't seized
>> > on you?
>> I read somewhere it does a monthly self-test start-up.
>> Another question for short commuters who always plug in is old gas.
>> There might be a mode to run the ICE so the the tank can be emptied
>> every year or so to refresh the gas, or a recommendation to not plug in
>> to do the same thing.
> You need an Amp, yes!! THE Amp, mfg in Yugoslavia and currently at the
> cutting edge of electrical technology. The battery will last for a
> whole week without charge and it is about the size of a pack of
> cigs....Plus, plus the car will do 100 km/hr sustained all the while
> towing a large boat.

Screw that. I want a Tesla.

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> > "So you think the Chevrolet Volt electric car will cost too much? Tell
> > that to the Chevy dealer who has already decided to charge $20,000
> > over the sticker price.
> > That's right. Months before the first Volt lands on a showroom floor,
> > there's enough excitement that the dealer -- who earns a living
> > calculating what the market will bear -- is charging nearly 50% more
> > than General Motors' asking price for the revolutionary car.
> > If that's any yardstick, the 2011 Volt is drastically underpriced.
> > Supply and demand, baby. It's the free enterprise system."
> > Read more: Mark Phelan: Dealers' extra charge for Volt is simply
> > supply and demand | | Detroit Free Press
> >
> Proving that there is a silly sucker born every minute. HELL will frigging
> freeze over before I pay ANYTHING over sticker for anything.

Especially now.
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>The Prius is "mostly" driven forward by mechanical torque from its ICE.
>From what little I've read the Prius has no issue with cross-country.
>Don't know if that will be true with the Volt.
>I might be wrong, but that's how I understand it now.
That's how I see it, with a 100 bhp electric drive the car must need
it,but the motor will only provide 63 bhp at the road wheels, it'll be
very underpowered and uneconomic on a run, if the engine will start
after lying idle for 6 or more months.

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The ''Messiah'' (B HO) was in Holland,Michigan last month.A new
battery factory for electric cars will be built there.I read somewhere
most of the componets for those batteries will be made in Asia, Japan, I
think so.