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On Mon, 17 May 2010 21:45:31 +0100, "Mrcheerful"
<nbkm57(a)> wrote:

>Vauxhall cv joints are held on with a special circlip that needs to be
>opened up to let the shaft out, there are special tools to do it, but you
>can use circlip pliers or needle nose pliers or even the right width flat

Ok thanks.

> yes you can pull the shaft out of the box, but there should
>not be any need for much force while separating the shaft.


> a strategic pair
>of mole grips can anchor the shaft in place.

Check. ;-)
>can't remember ever having to change the arms, so don't worry about how they
>are fixed (as it has not failed on them), but I'll bet it is

Ok. I wonder why their local garage mentioned them?
>the nuts for the drop links can be very tight to remove, which is why you
>need a blow lamp and a pair of thin mole grips to get them off without an
>angle grinder.

Understood. Putting flats on the bolt and in the hole would be too
obvious for something might go round and round when you try to undo it
eh? ;-(

Thanks again. I have much more confidence re guiding them though it

Cheers, T i m
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On Mon, 17 May 2010 23:16:28 +0100, Douglas Payne
<douggie(a)> wrote:

>> Oh really? What bit doesn't want to move then? (They have an angle
>> grinder up there cos daughter uses it for sanding her chainsaw
>> carvings). ;-)
>My experience of not having an air impact wrench is that the rust
>holding the nut onto the threaded part is stronger than what's left of
>the inside of the balljoint so when you turn it, the ball rotates in its
>cup and doesn't unscrew.

Ah. (On the subject of impact wrenches, I used my mates to take a
collet chuck off an electric motor shaft the other day and it was held
on pretty tight. I held the commutator with a rubber gloved hand and a
couple of blips and it was off).
>Sometimes there is a cheese hex or torx shaped hole in the end, or space
>to clamp the threads, or flats for a ground-thin spanner but I get much
>more satisfaction and fewer grazed knuckles by cutting the nut off with
>an angry grinder.

Hehe, gotcha.
>I've never done a Corsa. But I've cut them off a couple of 205s and
>306s (sometimes the whole droplink is plastic on these) and an Audi.
>Passat's droplinks were aluminium and didn't have a balljoint in them,
>just bolts through a rubber bush at each end.

I saw some plastic ones the other day, weird.
>I am rambling. Haynes, as you mention below could be the future.

She confirmed she ordered it today.

> Along
>with angle grinder, IMHO.


She drove the Corsa around the farm this evening and said it wasn't
quite as 'twitchy' as the Ka. In fact she said it felt more like a
diesel (compared with the Ka ... (as long as it didn't sound like
one)). ;-)

Cheers, T i m