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We are nearly the owners of a fairly clean 150k (I thought it was
less) 2001 1.2 Ecotec 5dr Corsa 'Comfort'. It's got a new MOT and had
a service (apparently).

Before I get stuck into it I'd like some general guidance from those
who have had more experience of Corsas in general and this little cam
chain lump please?

In no order.

The headlight covers have been removed when they got broken when
daughter and b/f hit a deer recently. Is it worth putting a pair back
on, 'cheaper than a headlight' sorta thing?

The rear wipe isn't working. Any typical causes for this please (so
not 'could be any of the std range of things' please. I've probably
done all the bits at some time or another (broken wire, faulty self
park, seized motor, seized output shaft etc).

I think he said one of the rear lights gets water in it? Drill a hole
in the bottom? ;-)

It sounds like the n/s CV joint is clicking on full lock. Leave or
replace (ie. how long could it carry on like that)?

I mentioned previously that the engine was loosing oil but there
doesn't seem to be any major leakage (no oil puddles etc). 'Apparently
the guy at the MOT place who mentioned the leak thing pointed to the
(oily) joint on the air intake pipe, just before the throttle body (is
it?). Is this oil being blown back via the crank cover breather or

The engine sounds a bit noisy. From the outside there is a sorta 'endy
/ cammy' type sound, that sorta dull 'clack clack clack' that
increases with engine revs. Listening closer it sounds like it's
coming from the top - left - back of the engine but doesn't sound like
it's coming from within the cam cover as it's not louder when you
remove the oil filler. A mate had a quick listen with his stethoscope
thing and wasn't able to pin it down to anywhere specific either
(other than the areas I mentioned). A Google seems to come up with cam
chain / tensioner or just straight tappet / cam issues? (Is this right
that the 1.2 Ecotec cam chain engine is of Suzuki origins)?

(This was the one that lost quite a bit of oil via the oil pressure
switch and driven on a flickering oil pressure light. Could it have
been flickering at low 'because' the switch wasn't holding pressure?)

Oil filter and oil. I believe the oil filter is a paper cartridge
under a black housing sticking up on the rhs of the engine as you look
at the front. If it had been changed ~400 miles ago would it look like
it had been moved (it's not obvious that it has). Also there seems to
be the suggestion that you should use genuine GM filters on these
engines? Semi synth VX 5W-30 or 10W-40?

FWIW he said it felt like it went well on the trip down from Scotland
and that the economy was looking good as well (FWIW His Dad owned the
car from new and I believe it's always been regularly serviced (but
not at a main dealer for the last few years (good thing?)).

Cheers, T i m