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> My old man has a Ford Explorer which he uses to tow his caravan. It's
> a big caravan, I think about 24 foot long or something. I think the
> van specifies a towing capacity of 2400kg. The Explorer runs on
> petrol. It's a Canadian model apparently.
> His Exploorer apparently uses a shitlad of fuel when towing, which is
> apparently pretty normal for them, and he asked an RAC guy about the
> pros and cons of petrol vs diesel.
> Among other things, the RAC guy mentioned that he wouldn't want to go
> too far off the highway in the Explorer because parts are difficult to
> get. He can attest to that as he's been waiting since before Christmas
> for a $40 part for the air conditioning system, and it's still not in.
> He's pretty much made up his mind he wants to get rid of it, and he
> has pretty much decided on a diesel, but he doesn't know wwhich
> diesel to get that can handle the towing requirements.
> I suggested a Prado, as Toyota should be easy enough to get parts for
> I'd assume, but thought I'd ask here for some recommendations.
> The required parameters are as follows:
> Diesel
> Automatic
> Less than 150,000km on the clock
> Less than $30,000
> Not a ute style, so no Hilux or anything like that cos he's "not a ute
> man!", and "they don't ride nice!"
> I had a quick look around and found some Prado's that fit the
> parameters he's specified, and also Terracan's, etc.
> He'd like a Landcruiser, but Landcruisers with under 150,000km on them
> are still a million bucks.
> Looking for other options to talk to him about.
> Crash Lander

UPDATE: He's just bought 2003 Prado Grande Auto on gas in the 4litre
flavour. $38k or some-such apparently.
Thanks for the advice here guys. I forwarded on all the replies to him.

Crash Lander