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> On 27/07/2010 12:33 p.m., Crash Lander wrote:
> > On Jul 26, 10:43 pm, Doug Jewell<a...(a)> wrote:
> >> Crash Lander wrote:
> >>> Hi guys.
> >>> My 88 tarago RV 2.2L manual won't start.
> >>> It's got good spark. It turns over as if it would start, but never
> >>> fires.
> >>> The RACV guy sprayed some carby primer stuff into the intake, and said
> >>> if it was not getting fuel, it would at least fire on this stuff, and
> >>> it didn't so he's ruled out a fuel issue as well.
> >>> Any other suggestions? Ignition coil maybe? Aren't the coils in these
> >>> things integrated into the distributor? Would the plugs still be
> >>> getting spark if it was the coil? I'm a bit stumped on this one.
> >>
> >> When you say the plugs have spark, how have you tested? If
> >> you just removed the plug and looked for a spark, that's not
> >> a real reliable test. It doesn't take much to make a spark
> >> travel half a millimetre at atmospheric pressure, so a dud
> >> coil or other ignition component will often be able to make
> >> a spark on a removed plug, but can't make a spark under
> >> compression. A more reliable test is to remove the lead from
> >> the plug, pull back the hood, and look for a good long spark
> >> from the end of the lead to the chassis - generally
> >> somewhere around half an inch (be careful you don't get a
> >> wallop.)
> >>
> >>> Crash Lander
> >>
> >> --
> >> What is the difference between a duck?
> >
> > Pulled the lead off a spark plug, inserted a new plug and crancked.
> > Good strong spark was seen.
> > Problem is sorted now it seems anyway. They called me this morning.
> > "Mechanic": Um, your Tarago started this morning!
> > Me: What? All by itself?
> > "Mechanic": We load tested the battery, and it failed. We put a new
> > battery in it and it started straight away!
> >
> > He claims that when a bettery has low voltage, the engine may turn
> > over, but there may not be enough voltage to run everything
> > adequately, such as all the injectors and everything else that needs
> > power to get the engine running. When asked to explain why it didn't
> > start when the racv roadside guy put his battery booster on it, he
> > said it was probably flooded.
> > Anyway. $59 for a new battery, and it starts. he did put a disclaimer
> > on it by saying that it's not 100% guaranteed that was the whole
> > problem, but at this point, it seems to have sorted it. he said see
> > how it goes for a few weeks, rather than throwing more money at it
> > just yet.
> > Fingers crossed.
> > Crash Lander
> Had that problem with a Capacitor Discharge system I built for my RX4.
> The transistors wouldn't run under about 9.5 Volts so when the battery
> was low all the juice went to the starter. When you stopped cranking the
> full voltage went to the ignition and that was just in time to 'catch'
> the still spinning motor.
> It was almost like,l spin the motor, switch off and switch to ignition.
IIRC EA put out a circuit first then ETI for a CDI.
I preferred transistor assisted ignitions with dwell extension.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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On 29/07/2010 7:28 AM, John_H wrote:
> D Walford wrote:
>> On 28/07/2010 7:47 AM, John_H wrote:
>>> D Walford wrote:
>>>> She took the Forester for its first service today with instructions for
>>>> her to not agree to any extra work.
>>> Does that include the Seafoam snake oil treatment?
>>> (It's actually part of the scheduled service, but isn't mentioned in
>>> the instruction book.)
>> Yep, $30.36 plus GST for 2 bottles, one they used and another given to
>> her to put in the fuel tank in about 3mths.
> Are you sure both bottles are the same?

Seems that way from the invoice, 2 of part no. susa718.
The bottle we have has Subaru labelling but it also has the name
Barsleaks on the back.
> The Seafoam stuff listed in the scheduled service is sold as "Subaru
> Upper Engine Cleaner", made in Oz by Bars Leaks (snake oil merchants
> from way back).

The 250ml bottle I have here is labelled "fuel additive".

IIRC Subaru also market, and recommend, a *fuel
> conditioner* (which isn't part of the scheduled service) and isn't the
> same product.
> The original Seafoam (first sold as carburettor cleaner for 2-stroke
> outboards running premix fuel) is claimed to be both (among other
> things)... but why would the people at Subaru peddle just one bottle
> of snake oil if the punter is good for two? :)

Don't forget the $2.34 plus GST for a sump plug "gasket" which no doubt
is a 5 cent fibre washer
>> $250 for an oil and filter change plus checking a few fluid levels is a
>> bit rich.
> Ah yes, but the work was probably done by a fully qualified factory
> trained mechanic, fluent in Japanese... unlike inferior makes! ;-)

Of course:-)
The real reason it goes to the dealer is that SWMBO gets to spend the
morning in the city shopping and denying a woman a shopping trip could
be dangerous to one's health:-)
Shouldn't complain because she bought a lot of good quality meat from
the Vic Market, the first night I got a very nice roast lamb dinner and
last night a big t bone steak:-)


From: D Walford on
On 29/07/2010 10:24 AM, hippo wrote:

> Unless it's changed recently, fuel and oil additives *aren't* part of
> either FHI or Subaru Australia's recommended service schedules, although
> more than a few of their dealers routinely use (and of course charge
> handsomely for) them anyway, unitl the owner protests.
> 'Subaru Upper Engine Cleaner' comes in an aerosol and has been part of the
> recommended service procedure in Australia for a couple of decades. It was
> supposed to remove sulphur deposits from the inlet tract. IME, NOT using
> it for 2 consecutive service intervals used to add about 1L/100Km to the
> fuel consumption. Now that we have low sulphur fuels here, I wonder if
> it's become unnecessary, or maybe only needed every 50 or 100,000Kms?
> Currently without any sort of Subaru, so someone else will have to do the
> experiment! Cheers
The Impreza we had was serviced by the dealer up to 30,000klm and when
they wanted $450.00 for the 40,000klm service I started doing it myself.
I didn't use either type of fuel treatment and as far as I could tell
the car was running perfectly when we traded it in at 55,000klms so
based on my limited experience I'd say it does sfa.

From: John_H on
D Walford wrote:
>Don't forget the $2.34 plus GST for a sump plug "gasket" which no doubt
>is a 5 cent fibre washer

It's one of those collapsible aluminium washers intended for single
use. They normally offer it with the filter, which isn't overly
expensive as a genuine part... RRP around $20 inc with the washer

You could probably replace it with a fibre sump plug washer, a
conventional aluminium washer, or simply reuse it. I've been buying
the genuine parts while the car's still under warranty... just in

John H
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