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> All the A/C parts for the 91 Explorer, like hoses, blower motor, etc
> call out two different part numbers. One is marked "To 4/91" and
> another "From 4/91". Was there some kind of significant change at
> April 1991?
> I'm kind of puzzled what to do because my A/C compressor, dryer, etc
> are replacements installed in 2001, so which parts do I use? I have a
> leaking compressor hose that needs to be replaced but don't know which
> part to buy.

Was it converted to R134 when the compressor was replaced, or are you still
running an R12 system? If its still R12, then you need to find out when
your truck was built (before or after 4/91) to get the right part. If it
was converted, all bets are off.

The easiest way is to take off the old hose & take it with you to match up
with the dealer's stock (or parts book) to get the right one.

If it doesn't match anything, you can always take it to an A/C shop and have
a new one made.