From: Alexander Rogge on
Nick Naim wrote:
> I pegged her at 70 years old plus minus.
> She pulled out of a fast food on my left in a heart beat
> I,m in the left lane of thru traffic.
> I,m on the binders on ABS and they are working on overtime.

The ABS should not be activating on a dry surface, as this increases
your stopping distance.

> I come to a stop 3 feet from her right front fender.

You need more practise. The MFFYs expect you to stop, but the fear of
being hit while watching a car barely stopping 30 cm from your side
sends a different message. The problem is that if you are locking your
tyres, you are no longer controlling the stopping distance. You must
apply the proper amount of brake pressure to slow the car without
locking the wheels, and then stop the car in a controlled deceleration.
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