From: the fonz on
On Sep 11, 6:29 pm, "russell" <o...(a)> wrote:
> >> Aldi Australia uses a management company for its electric/electronic
> >> warranty goods .
> > don't they sell groceries?
> Maybe you should take a look in one of their stores?

i don't see any particular reason to

From: Michael.Pasturi on
On Sep 12, 2:33 pm, Je├čus <n...(a)> wrote:
> Michael.Past...(a) wrote:
> > On Sep 11, 2:07 pm, "gnh...(a)" <gnh...(a)>
> > wrote:
> >> In the last 12 months ALDI AUSTRALIA has been dishonest with any
> >> electric/electronic warranty goods?
> >> Georges.
> > The easiest and most honest supermarket chain in Australia to buy and
> > return goods from.PERIOD!
> > WHO else gives you 90 day trial with a PC?
> > Who else gives you 100% refund within 12 months without a ounce of
> > problem, groan our question asked?
> > Anwser ----- ONLY ALDI!
> > One of the best things to come out of Germany, hope they put the WAY
> > overpriced duopoly idiots @ Woolies and Coles out of business
> > HINT: If you want a refund HAVE/KEEP YOUR RECIPT!
> Is that for all goods or just PCs?
> Interesting to know they offer this, have you ever returned anything for
> a refund?
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Yes, for EVERYTHING you buy from them is returnable, they have signs
all over the store and also i believe even on your recipt.NEVER had
the slightest issue with them.Not even a grizzle.

Yes, returned a TV, a portable 8" DVD player, Dig. camera, food, beer,
clothes, tools, blower vac.[Short term *hire*, LOL!]

The PC's are under seperate return policy, clearly displayed, normally
90 day trial [i would return it as would be bored with it after that]
BUT you need to be there 9AM on the dot if you want the super-specials
otherwise u miss out, limited quantity of stock [pity]



From: Marco on
On Sep 16, 10:19 pm, "RainbowWarrior" <emailaddr...(a)> wrote:
> Excuse for what, the Sony VCR & hard drive recorder, car stereo and speakers
> I have are around 3 years old, working fine and my Sanyo turntable/tape unit
> that is 20 years old is fine too, other than the rubber bands perished
> driving the cassette deck. Sharp Microwave is about 8 years old and fine, I
> have a National TV that's 20 years old, I've thrown out an Orion VCR, 2
> generic brand CD players in that time. Nothing generic cheapo has lasted
> more than 2 years.My Telefunken 52 cm TV keeps blowing fuses, and is only
> ever turned on once a week.
> Pay peanuts for a product, expect it to be designed & assembled by
> monkeys...........

I've got a combination of cheaper brand and expensive brand stuff, and
maybe I'm lucky but all of it seems to work pretty well. Probably the
best has been a 17 year old Panasonic radio/casette that keeps on
working properly every single day, although my parents own two Sanyo
TVs that beat it - one from the 70s that has only recently kicked the
bucket, and one from the early 80s that still works fine.

On the other hand, a few years ago I bought a never-heard-of-it-brand
digital set top box from Woolies (basically because it was the
cheapest I could get, bar none) and so far so good.


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