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"You are a dropout but not a loser... You have found that SLOW is
better, so cycling and Tantra make sense. Right, you do things like
Tantra, to transcend and enjoy, not to multiply. ;)"

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> > There are many people, especially in America, who believe in
> > capitalism but not in evolution. They find it impossible to believe
> > that life in all its richness and intricacy could have "just happened"
> > and believe that the only possible explanation is design by an
> > intelligent Creator. In fact it could have very well "just happened,"
> > and to understand this one needs look no further than the good ole
> > American capitalism.
> > People who have no knowledge of capitalist economics, such as ones who
> > lived in the Soviet Union, frequently find it unfathomable how a
> > system like America's, which is not command-control, could have such
> > an intelligent design. That there is a store for everything, there is
> > something for every purse and purpose, and pieces fit together, leads
> > them to think that all this prosperity must have been designed by the
> > government. Of course that is not the case, and most of what is bought
> > and sold in America was produced by private businesses with no
> > connection to one another. It happened because people kept looking for
> > opportunities to make money - and found them by producing one or
> > another thing that people would want to buy. As they competed with one
> > another, they put pressure on one another to produce quality goods. As
> > they became wealthier, there consumed more, creating opportunity for
> > other people to produce other, new goods that did not exist
> > previously. And that is how the American system was made possible, and
> > achieved greater intelligence and quality of products than did
> > centrally planned systems.
> > The exact same thing has happened in the natural world. Mutation by
> > mutation, different forms of life arose and either survived or didn't.
> > As more life forms came about, there was more biomass for other new
> > life forms to arise. Competition perfected them all to an
> > exceptionally high level. And the result was a planet verdant, rich,
> > beautiful, exquisitely balanced, with millions of unique and intricate
> > life forms existing in dynamic equilibrium - a process that took over
> > 4 billion years, and that could easily have taken place all by itself.
> > If a process like capitalism can over two hundred years create the
> > wealth and vibrancy of America - including such hi-tech contraptions
> > as supercomputers, nanotechnological devices, credit cards, artificial
> > limbs, space vehicles - over two hundred years, then what can take
> > place over 4 billion years? Evolution may seem incredulous, but
> > becomes less so when considering what capitalism accomplished over a
> > vastly shorter period of time. Nature does not require an
> > intelligent creator to explain all its richness and intricacy any more
> > than America requires an absolute monarch to explain the vibrancy of
> > its economy. Indeed, if one is to look at example of centrally planned
> > economic systems, a nature put into place by the dictate of an
> > intelligent creator would be expected to be a lot less rich place than
> > it is.
> > So this is the way to conceptualize it. If you respect capitalism,
> > then you should also respect
> > evolution. The two processes have a lot in common, and understanding
> > one allows one to understand the other. Nature no more requires an
> > intelligent creator to make it possible than does capitalism require
> > central planning to achieve what it has achieved. Indeed, an
> > intelligent creator would probably be seen by plants and animals to be
> > as much of a pest as many economic players in America see the federal
> > government. But that is a theme for another essay.
> Those who respect capitalism, but not evolution, are probably not very good
> capitalists. And those who think of the Federal government as "an intelligent
> creator" are probably not very good capitalists either. However, belief in
> nature as opposed to an intelligent Creator is not the way to make them better
> capitalists. That would lead to sedition, and ultimately, terrorism. They
> need to become acquainted with the laws, and become respectful, obedient
> citizens of the government, before they can be good capitalists. If the
> definition of a good capitalist is one who makes a-lot of money, then you
> might as well be giving the definition of a good thief. What's the difference?
> This is why centrally planned thievery is not the norm when it comes to
> thiefs. There is no national association of thieves, and when there is, their
> own in-fighting contributes in large measure to their exposure and ultimate
> extinction. Capitalism is currently a kind of organized thievery, America is
> seen by the masses in Third World countries as the headquarters of the mafia,
> when all they get, in return for a few dollars, is the exploitation of their
> natural resources. The capitalists themselves, like the mafia, never take
> responsibility for their actions, but consider themselves to be selling
> protection services.
> In other words, those not smart enough to be thieves, but who rather believe
> in some intelligent creator, are not really qualified to appreciate the value
> of their own possessions, and therefore require protection from those who
> would want to take them away from them. This is the way capitalism is
> currently set up. With the excuse of creating an immense richness and
> diversity such as exists in nature, it limits the competition that is a part
> of the natural process of survival to competition among those who have
> money, for the sake of making money. The in-fighting that goes on
> among themselves exposes their ignorance of the natural and divine law, and
> the very operation of these laws themselves will ultimately lead to their
> extinction.
> --
> "The world of existence is an emanation of the merciful attribute of God."
> Abdu'l-Baha

Very, very wise words, which I choose to spread around so the world
knows the truth...

One important concept though: CAPITALISM CAN ONLY LEAD TO EXTINCTION