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"Scott in SoCal" <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote in message
> Found this post on another forum. Here we have a Trucker who didn't
> hesitate to take a real job when he had the opportunity to do so.
> === BEGIN QUOTE ===
> After 7 years of Trucking I have made the transition back to a normal
> 40 hr a week Job. I had become so tired of every aspect of the
> trucking industry.
> No more spending 120+hrs a week in a Truck.
> No more sitting for hrs waiting to get loaded/unloaded and then
> driving all night to make the delivery on time.
> No more Truck Stop over priced food.
> No more Truck Stop showers.
> No more being beat up by the crumbling roads.
> No more DOT hassles.
> No more trying to sleep with a refer unit running at full throttle a
> few feet away.
> No more hookers banging on the door at 3am asking if I wanna a date .
> The list goes on and on but I am sure you guys get the idea.
> Who in there God given right mind would want to drive truck in this day
> and age in the US?
> I am really excited to work a normal fixed 40 hr schedule and spend
> more time with my family. I am also excited to be able to get into a
> exercise program to lose the 50 lbs I gained over the last 7 years .
> === END QUOTE ===
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