From: Nate Nagel on
At least one person has apparently either been paying attention to the
advice given here and elsewhere or else is simply smarter than your
average bear and knows right from wrong... (also shamelessly stolen
from Fark, today must be RAD day on Fark)

interesting quote:

> "I think it was an oversight more than anything," said Gene Calvert
> of the Collier County Transportation Department.
> The county has already fixed the Collier Boulevard light, and says it
> will check 200 other intersections to make sure they meet the
> standard.
> NBC2: Do you think there are other lights that may not be timed
> correctly? Calvert: I doubt it very seriously, but I will be looking
> into it.
> But Mogil says he's already checked 65 intersections and found that
> only seven yellow lights are long enough.
> "There's a much, much bigger issue here and it has to be addressed,"
> he said.

What's amazing is that her ticket wasn't simply quietly dismissed with
no news coverage, so that the yellow intervals didn't have to be fixed.

Only seven out of 65? that's barely over 10%. Who says that RLC
intersections aren't cherrypicked?


replace "roosters" with "cox" to reply.