From: Bruce L. Bergman on
On Tue, 28 Oct 2008 20:17:01 -0400, Nate Nagel <njnagel(a)>

>hey JT, have you found an acceptable replacement for the 12" blades on
>the earlier cars? Besides the expen$ive Corvette repro rubber that is.

There's an inexpensive solution you can use as long as the arms are
in good shape and you only need the insert. I do this all the time on
wagons and hatches with rear wipers that take a 9" or 10" or 12"
refill - my LandCruiser still has the factory wiper refill. (Well,
part of it.)

Take off your wiper and go in the store, find a cheap regular refill
where the rubber has the right profile and holder width. Then buy the
15" refill pair, take it apart, cut the rubber down to the 10" or 12"
you need, and slide it into the old holder.

If you carefully flex and pop the old insert out in the middle and
slide the ends toward the middle to get them loose, and install the
new rubber the same way, you won't mess up the old metal holder ring.

And if you have several cars and need three or four 8" refills, see
if you can get one package of 17" or 18" blades and do both with one.

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