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The penalties for all drunk driving need to be raised drastically, esp
when kids are in the car. Let's stop coddling these kid-killers.

Mom indicted for DUI, kid�s death in crash
By Associated Press
Saturday, October 24, 2009

NEW YORK - A mom accused in a high-speed drunken-driving wreck en route
to a sleepover had insisted she was fine to drive, taunted the kids -
asking who thought they would crash - and when they did, pulled her own
11-year-old daughter out as another girl lay dying, prosecutors said.

Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau called Carmen Huertas�
behavior in last weekend�s crash �outrageous.�

He said Huertas, 31, brushed off warnings she was too drunk to drive,
piling seven children in her station wagon to drive them to a slumber
party. Then, he said, she played a morbid game as she sped at nearly 70
mph, asking the girls to raise their hands if they thought they would

Morgenthau outlined the parenting nightmare as he announced Huertas�
indictment on manslaughter, assault and drunken driving charges. She is
hospitalized with a shoulder injury and won�t be arraigned till next
month. Meanwhile, prosecutors said they might charge adults who noticed
her condition and didn�t stop her.

Prosecutors said after gathering a half-dozen of her daughter�s friends
for a weekend sleepover at her Bronx home, she took them to a family
birthday party in Manhattan, where she downed enough cognac that her ex-
boyfriend told the father of her toddler son she wasn�t fit to drive.