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John wrote:
> Tim Downie wrote:
>> John wrote:
>>> 52-plate Nissan Maxima QX 3.0 V6 SE Plus Auto (sort of a "luxury"
>>> saloon if you're wondering)
>>> Tyres currently on there are Michelin Pilot Premacy 215/55 R16 93V.
>>> They were already on the car when I bought it two years and 26,000
>>> miles ago, and I've had no reason to complain about them. All the
>>> tyres seem to have worn reasonably equally so I think I'm going to
>>> have to replace all four at one go.
>>> Seems that to replace them with Primacys again is about �130 a
>>> corner, not an inconsiderable sum. So, before I go ahead, anyone got
>>> any thoughts or recommendations?
>> Costco is a popular place for buying Michelin tyres. The savings
>> could pay for a year's membership.
>> Tim
> If anyone's interested, was �133 and Costco came out
> at �129, so given the 80 mile round trip and cost of membership to
> Costco, it's not for me - but cheers anyway Tim :-)

at present, for you, it is not worthwhile just for tyres, but every few
months costco have a special on michelins, usually 20 per cent off if you
buy four. I have friends that travel about 80 miles to use costco, every
few months they do a big 'shop up' . for me costco is walking distance and
99 per cent of my shopping is there, plus I buy quite a few tyres for my own
and customers cars. if you buy the executive upgrade (extra 30 quid) you
get an annualised rebate of 2 per cent on nearly everything you buy, which
is nice for higher spenders, especially if you buy for other people (as I
A long round trip is not ideal for frozen shopping, but you might still find
it worthwhile for most things !!

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