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Convicted child molester in Elkhart County featured on website
Tribune Staff Report

ELKHART — A Chicago man who was convicted of nine counts of child
molestation and two counts of disseminating pornography to a minor in
2009 in Elkhart County is featured on America's Most Wanted web page.

While awaiting trial, Roberto Vasquez posted bond and remained a free
man, according to a news release from America's Most Wanted. The case
finally went before a judge and jury, but when the verdict was read,
Vasquez was nowhere to be found.

In absentia, he was sentenced to 247 years in prison.

According to America's Most Wanted, Vasquez was a religious adviser in
Elkhart's Hispanic community, but he began victimizing a 6-year-old girl
in 1999. The molestation continued for years until the youngster turned
13 in 2006.

Police were contacted in 2007, and on March 1 of that year, U.S.
marshals placed Vasquez in custody.

Authorities believe Vasquez might be in the Chicago area because he has
many ties there, including a wife and child.

He's 54 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, 175 pounds, with black hair
and brown eyes.

Anyone with information on Vasquez should contact America's Most Wanted
at (800) CRIME TV or Crime Stoppers at (800) 242 STOP.

America's Most Wanted website is