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On Mar 31, 7:00 am, gpsman <gps...(a)> wrote:
> On Mar 31, 8:18 am, N8N <njna...(a)> wrote:
> > Hmm, maybe all the gas station owners are then speculating that fuel
> > prices are currently high and will fall in the near future, and are
> > all letting their tanks run near dry before calling for a fill up?
> Your speculation does not suggest a sharp business sense.
> > It really does seem to be widespread in my area; and it's really
> > frustrating when you have places to go and things to do and you have
> > to wait 20 min. for your tank to fill.
> A filling station is a place to go, and getting fuel is a thing to do.
> I fuel at night, maybe half the time after the station is closed.
> When I drove a truck I planned my trips to fuel/shower/etc. during off-
> peak hours.
> I'm always amused by commuters fueling during rush hours, especially
> by those who plan or execute so poorly they have to make a L out of a
> corner station across traffic.
> 2% of people think.  3% of people think they think.  The remainder
> would rather die than think.
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Try this for foreplanning: I live just outside a small one-horse town
(3 stoplights, 3 gas stations) 15 miles for Washington State
University. On game day, the town is a bottleneck with traffic
commonly backed for a mile or more. Most of the backup is caused by
people leaving the 'big game' and then trying to fuel up here in
town. Not unusual to see 1/2 mile or more of the curb lane jammed
with people waiting for their turn at the pump.

And those are mostly alumni of the college, ergo college graduates!
Brains must not be needed for a degree.

Harry K
From: T.J. Higgins on
In article <hpacda02fn9(a)>, Nate Nagel wrote:
>I really need to get an air compressor...

I bought an electric air pump a few years ago. Damn is that
thing handy. Wish I'd bought one 20 years ago...

From: Nick Naim on

"Nate Nagel" <njnagel(a)> wrote in message
> ...or am I just becoming more impatient as I contemplate the fleeting
> passage of time and my eventual mortality?
> Seriously, I had to fill two vehicles up today, and I did so at two
> different stations, and it seemed as if it took more than a minute to pump
> a single gallon (and when you're driving the big stakebed, that means it
> takes a LONG time to fill up!)
> I seem to remember being frustrated by the same effect the last time I
> drove the big truck, and that was at a different station yet.
> Is there some good reason for gas stations to be limiting the flow rates
> at their pumps, or do I just have a lot of crappy gas stations in my area?
> Seriously, I don't remember it taking this long to fill up my vehicles in
> the past.
Shell stations in my area have TV screens at the pumps.
A Citco station IME can be slow also without TV

> nate
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