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ALDI Australia+ Schenker Australia dishonest with any electric/electronic warranty goods?
On Sep 11, 2:18 pm, "Terry Wrist" <i...(a)> wrote: MMmmmm that is why name brands have the reputation they have..... they may be built in the same Chinese factory but if their is a problem the warranty is usually more solid. Most of us regard products bought at Aldi, Crazy Clarks etc as throw away i... 17 Sep 2007 07:28
lpg performance
hi i have recently have had my toyota 4runner converted to lpg and have loss significant amount of power and was wondering if this is just normal for gas and if so what sort of engine mods work good with lpg? any info on this wold be greatly appreciated thnks ... 31 Aug 2007 07:45
MIO C510 - Review
Marts wrote: We had a Tom Tom One navigator which worked well. It got stolen. Replaced it with a Mio C510. Works OK, but not as easy to use as the TTO. snipped....... Sounds like it needs an external antenna. I recently used a friends cheap nav system that they bought from Aldi, its supposedly got Navman... 14 Aug 2007 07:51
Compression ratio q: (attn ATHOL)
On Fri, 29 Jun 2007 16:44:58 +1000, John McKenzie PCM code reading says: Dan--- wrote: Small block chev 383 running on dedicated non efi LPG. As we know that LPG has a decent amount of octane if I recall 100-110 rating? It's probably somewhere around 105 research - it's approx 5 motor octane... 7 Jul 2007 23:06
Dog & Lemon Guide Happened upon a copy at the newsagent yesterday ($24.95). A highly entertaining read, even when you don't agree with all of it. Contains a range of articles (also available on their site) as well as reviews on practically every make and model sold here and in NZ from 1985 to current... 11 Jun 2007 23:34
train crossing truck driver
Don H wrote: And just how is a government supposed to stop cars and trucks from road-rail collision, by boom gates, etc - if the motorists themselves persist in trying to "beat the train"? A monster-chicane on either side of each level-crossing would do the trick - if you've got to slow down to 30... 14 Jun 2007 06:05
How to program Gliderol roller door remote?
Hi All, Slightly off topic, but some of you seem pretty knowledgable on most things car/garage related. I have a gliderol roller door remote with 3 buttons, model TM-305C. Anyone know how to program the 'spare' buttons to open other roller doors? I don't have the user manual. Thanks, Mark ... 14 Jun 2007 22:27
radio code for VX commodore
I need help, my vx commodore's battery died and now i cant use my radio and i dont have the code, the vin nr is 6H8VXK69H2L779475. CAN ANYONE HELP ME PLEASE. -- JD&amp;CS ... 4 May 2007 21:39
86' Corona RT142
Hi My RT142 has just started doing the same thing. I have noticed that the "not starting" problem gets worse during hot weather. (Don't know if that helps.) The conking out tends to occur after about ten minutes of normal driving. I am really keen to hear if you have worked the problem out. Please let... 7 May 2007 03:48
Sweet 73 LJ XU1 GTR But not for $110,000 though. -- Regards Dan ... 17 Apr 2007 05:04
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