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> > Most major automakers agree: The adage that you should change your car's
> > oil every 3,000 miles is outdated, and even 5,000 miles may be too often,
> > The Associated Press reported.
> >
> > Ford Motor Co. became the latest manufacturer to extend its oil life
> > guidelines, making public that it is raising the recommended oil change
> > interval from 5,000 miles to 7,500 miles on its newly redesigned 2007
> > models and all subsequent redesigned or new models, AP said.
> >
> > The company, like many other manufacturers, said last week that higher oil
> > quality standards and new engine designs were responsible for the change,
> > which affects vehicles driven under normal conditions. L&MT
> Give me a surprise. Do you know what the oil change period is in the UK for
> a modern Nissan? Try annually or 10,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Many European cars now specify 12,000 mi oil changes based on using synthetic


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>> Roy wrote:
>> > I'm going to date myself, but before there were speedy oil changes and
>> > syn
>> > oil the interval was 5,000+.
>> The official automakers' figure, anyway. Good mechanics I knew were
>> pushing
>> 3K.
> In the days of dinosaur oil that may have made sense.
> Graham

FWIW, BMW autos, going back to 2001 and perhaps before then, have a
computer generated countdown to when service, including oil change is due.
The first oil change requirement comes at about 15,000 miles. They use
Castrol Synthetic.


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>> No it wasn't.
> From my 1971 Cougar owners manual and shop manual, every 6 months or 6000
> miles
> From my 1983 Mustang owners manual and shop manual, every 12 months or
> 7500 miles...
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>> >>
>> > I'm going to date myself, but before there were speedy oil changes and
>> > syn
>> > oil the interval was 5,000+.
>> >

You're right my friend. And ANYONE that cared to read their owners manual
for virtually ANY car manufacturered in the last 10 years will find oil
change recommendations much greater than every 3K.

We've been well marketed by the oil change chains and auto dealers to change
MUCH more often than is necessary or recommended.


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> On Tue, 27 Mar 2007 12:25:31 -0500, clifto <clifto(a)> wrote:
>>samstone(a) wrote:
>>> The change industry are the ones suggesting the 3000 mile
>>> interval. Through commercials they've gained believers.
>>I was taught 3,000 mile intervals long before there were companies that
>>specialized in oil changes.
>>I have a friend who changes his oil every 2,000 miles. I would rather
>>buy one of his used cars than any new car, for quality reasons (though
>>the price wouldn't hurt either).
> The longer intervals are mostly to promote sales in that newer models
> require less maintainance. Oil still breaks down and gets dirty and
> new engines run hotter and are harder on the oil in them. You can
> change oil very little in a car and maybe get 100K out of it but it is
> what happens beyond 100K that shows how well your engine was
> maintained. I change every 3K or so, always have and always will and I
> have yet to wear out a engine or have to flush either and I have never
> had stuck ring problems either in over 35 years of driving. I have
> also run several vehicles well past 200K too and I have a few that are
> now 18 years old and older and still run great and use no oil between
> changes (I do not have to add). You can change your oil at 5 or 7K if
> you want but not me and you are better off to change it often with
> cheaper oil than try to stretch it out with high dollar oil because
> they both still get dirty.
> -----------------

Had we been having this conversation 10 years ago, I would totally agree.
But with todays technology, both in oil as well as mechanical, it is simply
no longer necessary to change oil at 3K intervals. I have put well over
100K on my last 2 vehicles, changed the oil at 7500 miles, and never had a
mechanical issue of any kind.

I would guess if your car does not have a sensor that recommends when you
change (such as most GM), and IF you do all city driving, and if it's low
mileage per month, perhaps a more frequent change might be money well spent.


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The question is will it make 300K? the answer is no. Not with the oil
abuse you've been giving it.

Steve Barker

YOU should be the one
controlling YOUR car.
Check out:

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I have put well over
> 100K on my last 2 vehicles, changed the oil at 7500 miles, and never had a
> mechanical issue of any kind.
>> Willy