From: david.cawkwell on
Hi Group,

I thought I would let you know my thoughts on the Bigas SGI kit after I
have finished installing
it. I bought it from Tinley Tech. Including software, cable. No tank as
I have this from my previous installation. Other sellers had rubbished
the Bigas kit as it was cheaper than their kit. Eg Voltran VSGI and
OMVL Dream suppliers.

I found the kit well made and the instructions clear. Tinley Tech also
provided their own installation guide which is excellent for a novice
SGI installer. Top marks Tinley and it arrived next day as promised.

I would have preferred that the vapouriser/reducer had it own shutoff
valve which would have made the piping a little easier. The gas
temperature sensors wires on the reducer and the fuel rail are a bit
flimsy. There was only just enough 4mm pipe for my install where the
inlet manifold is at the front of the engine.

After installation just plug in the software run the program and that
is it. It set the gas kit up in 2-3 minutes. Then drive it away. Can't
tell the difference driving on LPG or petrol. The change over is so
smooth you can only tell by the ping of the fuel solenoid.
Curiously it switches on the gas and then switches it on again a few
seconds later. Whether this is so it can monitor gas pressures and
temperature before it actually switches over I don't know. I'll
experiment more with the settings of the kit. The settings of the
software look fairly straightforward not that much to change.

Result very pleased. I'll know what fuel economy I get compared to
petrol in the next week or so.