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This race is mainly for dirt vehicles, including bikes and dune-buggys.

In one televised incident: Austar, people had dug a channel across the dirt
road so approaching vehicles would not just have a small ridge to drive
over, but first dip into the fairly deep channel, hit the other side causing
the vehicle to go nose up at a far greater rate than anticipated. The first
vehicle was launched into the air with all 4 wheels off the ground, then
twisted while air-born coming down on its roof. A few seconds later another
vehicle entered the scene, only a bit slower. It lost control doing an end
over into the first car.

All the while this is going on, a significant portion of the crowd was
yelling, laughing and taking film of it.

I mean FFS,..what sort of criminals are we dealing with here?


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> err, that'd 'Thrill Seekers' the type fond of Extreem Sports.
> Apparently they felt the race wasn't Xtreem enough for them.
> BTW, they're AKA Fuckwits.

That kinda reminds me of the US news crew who deliberately blew up Chevvy
pickups in an attempt to "highlight a problem" with them.

It was some time ago now and while I can't remember exactly who it was I
have a feeling it may have been 60 minutes in the US. They were apparently
trying to make something of a rumour they'd heard about US built Chev pickup
trucks that allegedly had a "fire problem" when hit in the side as the fuel
tank was positioned in such a way to make them dangerous. They did a feature
story on the things, and even went to the trouble of buying a few of them
and subjecting them to controlled crashes to expose the dangers.

The only problem was that during their controlled crashes they couldn't get
any of them to catch fire.

So, in an attempt to never let the truth get in the way of a good story, the
film crew took a break while the technical guys "configured" a couple of
brand new trucks with devices that would guarantee that the fuel tanks would
be ruptured in a crash, and piezo igniters were fitted that were triggered
by remote control. The trucks were filled to the brim with high octane fuel
and a new batch of controlled crashes were run, and as expected the brand
new Chevvy pickups went up in a massive fireball.

The story went to air and the film crew were congratulating themselves on
another fantastic, hard hitting expose', when it all turned pear shaped
after one of the technicians who worked on the trucks went public about it
all being bullshit. The show's producers were dragged over the coals and
General Motors got a public apology, but enough fake mud had been slung to
hurt sales for some time.