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> Conor <conor.turton(a)> wrote:
> > > Different courses have a different balance between lectures and
> > > researcing/reading around the subject/working off one's own back. A lot of
> > > postgrad students have very little in the way of lectures per week - do you
> > > honestly believe that means that they can afford to doss most of their time
> > > away not doing much else for the rest of the week?
> > >
> > Yep. Both of my brothers managed fulltime jobs when they did their
> > degree. One only need to spend time in areas where students live to see
> > that they're doing anything but studying.
> They're the ones doing poxy BA courses. BEng and BSc students tend to
> spend all but a couple of afternoons in lectures or practicals.
One of my brothers was doing a law degree.

But as the recent debate about your degree at Swansea has highlighted
so well, students are opting for the mickey mouse courses over those
requiring hard work to the point where many Unis are having to close
departments of said BEng/BSc courses due to the lack of demand.


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