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Athol wrote:
> hippo <am9obmhAc2hvYWwubmV0LmF1(a)> wrote:
> > LPG best price of 65.7 for my car is still a bit much though, especially
> > when people interstate keep posting figures 10c or more lower! Cheers
> The local woolies are 59.9 before a 4c/l discount. The BP at the
> northern end of the F3 were 67.9 on Monday night, and give a 2c/l
> discount for having a free plastic card. So 55.9 at woolies vs
> 65.9 at BP. Hmm...

Nowra/Bomaderry it's 65.7 & up at the moment. Coles doesn't do LPG and a
lot of the locals prefer not to get LPG from the (unnamed) major store
outlet that does :-)

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