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> Noisy pipes can save lives

Doof doof stereos can save lives.

Flash grenades can save lives.

The sound of screeching brakes can save lives.

The sound of a thousand hands clapping can save lives.

And on it goes...

But you're missing the point entirely. A solution is only a _viable_
solution if it works when everyone does it. If everyone were to make
significantly more noise than everyone else, what you'd get is a
feedback loop the end result of which would be global deafness and a
damage bill that would make the cost of rebuilding Jericho look like
small change.

Grow a brain, dude. And until then, for everyone's safety, stay off
the roads.


Onya bike

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Maybe EPA should concentrate on real pollution.. like MTBE it allowed in
Australian petrol long after it was banned in certain parts of the USA.
EPA are just greenie wankers that culled the like of the original Neon from
Chrysler (originally a 2 stroke that had better fuel economy and power than the
4 stroke it eventually came out with because it could not meet stricter emission
They played a part in banning MMT which is a good antiknock additive and fuel
They are stories out there if you want to go searching.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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> Scotty <scoter1(a)> wrote:
> > Saw a T-Shirt the other month. NOISEY PIPES SAVE LIVES, how fucked
> > up is that, how about safe riders save lives!
> You saw Al?
(1) I don't wear a T-shirt for protection, prefer leather..
(2) If I did have a slogan it would be like this...
If you hit me and I find out where you live, an axe in your forehead can be
rather uncomfortable but would alleviate my pain and suffering somewhat. Thank
you and have a nice day, gentle motorist.

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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> As someone who has ridden the same bike in the same commute with and
> without a loud pipe on it, the idea that it is some kind of secondary
> safety is rubbish.
Back in the '70's I had a 350 twin with Dunstall Decibels (sp) (read loud) then
I bought a 350-4 with four standard pipes that one could hardly hear. I found
out quickly by the shocked look on one drivers faces that he failed to hear the
quiet bike. It was close to a T-bone... not in my favour.

Stoopid EPA noise laws have killed bike riders and thamkfully N1 was not brought

I don't take sides.
It's more fun to insult everyone.
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>You don't fucki*g get it do you. The ultimate aim is not just to ban load pipes
>but to make all aftermarket pipes illegal so you have to be running approved
>manufacturers pipes. FFS WAKE UP!!

Al....the aim is to lower noise levels.
If aftermarket can get pipes as quiet as required then they will still
be acceptable...though still illegal without engineers approval.

OzOne of the three twins

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