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> >   Noisy pipes can save lives
> >   did you notice todays in the news was some bloke who didn't see xing
> > lights and got hit by a train ?
> >   I don't like loud bikes either but a louder train might have been
> > heard and a louder bike might stop some retard in a 4door doing a right
> > turn in front of a motorcycle
> Don't do much country riding?  Trains have very loud horns and they
> use them when coming to a crossing.

They are required to use the horn at every crossing (in WA anyway)
even if the crossing has lights, bells and boom gates. People still
get run over.


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>> They dont, they are illegal.
> They certainly are.
>> Saw a T-Shirt the other month. NOISEY PIPES SAVE LIVES, how fucked up is
>> that, how about safe riders
>> save lives!
> You can be the safest rider on earth and still get cleaned up by some
> fuckwit car driver who isn't paying attention. Believe me, I carry a
> reminder of that theory with me every single day.

So does my brother. A "new Australian" who bought his liscence, turned right
in front of my bro on his Jawa split twin. It took 2 weeks before the
surgeons decided to try and keep his right foot. I will never forget going
to the hosp to see him writhing in pain.
Ohh yeah, the NA went back to the old country straight before they could
arrest him.


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> Albm, you've got your paranoid turned up to 11. If that was their aim
> they would just change the law to make it so. This campaign against noisy
> vehicles is not making any change at all. They are just policing existing
> laws. The existing laws have been in place for decades. I think you
> should have a bit of a lie down and a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Yeah,..Al's due for his antipsychotic,....but you have a good point,..I love
the sound of a loud Ford V8, and if I could get away with it, I run open
pipes on it (when I had it),..the difference is, people love the sound of a
V8 as opposed to a Harley twin POS.
Wank zone ahead>> The FMX trans on the 351c was slow to do any control input
change,...this leant itself to do all sorts of things, back to
neutral,..raise the revs slightly and notch it seamlessly into 2nd (from
Drive), then back off and get that lovely "pop, pop, crackle" breakfast
cereal sound :-) As much as hate what Ford are doing here with the Falcon,
(4 cyl Falcon??!!)..they doooo know how to make a lovely V8 sound.



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Jason James wrote:

> The other thing is loud exhaust masks some engine/transmission noises. I
> dont think anyone would be against a nice resonant exhaust note,..but the
> rough blatt noise is not appealing.

Only if you're a brain dead masochist mechanic and enjoy ear
trauma. Ya there Al? :-P

Take Care. ~~
Feral Al ( @..@)
(\- :-P -/)
^^^ % ^^^
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>> ...I like the sound of my pipes...
> I've noticed that.
> =================
> Onya bike
> Gerry

You prefer the smell of your pipe instead Gerry ??