From: Steve Firth on
Tom Crispin <kije.remove(a)> wrote:

> The Northbound Blackwall Tunnel is to be closed 9pm to 5am Sunday to
> Friday nights from 7 February 2010 for three years.

Who cares? It's in London and TBH if everyone in London were to suffer
the maximum of inconvenience no one appart from the whiners who live in
the crapital would care. Secondly no one in London cares since it only
affects those tho live in the slums.
From: Mr. Benn on
On 24/01/2010 10:19, Tom Crispin wrote:

> The Blackwall Tunnel, the Thames Tunnel and the Rotherhithe Tunnel
> were built for non-motorised transport, including pedestrians.

That's because it was built before there was any motorised transport.

> the Rotherhithe Tunnel is unpleasant for cyclists


> and non-motorised transport is now banned from the Blackwall Tunnel.

Tell me some more good news.

> seems entirely reasonable that motorists fund a good quality crossing
> for cyclists.

Take the bus or tube like anyone with any sense. You weren't born with
a bicycle between your legs.
From: Tom Crispin on
On Sun, 24 Jan 2010 01:32:12 -0800 (PST), Vicko Zoomba
<vicko_zoomba(a)> wrote:

>> It seems strange that Greenwich Council and Transport for London have
>> chosen the same time to refurbish three adjacent Thames Crossings,
>> but, I suppose, it is for the good of our Nation that we showcase
>> south-east and east London to the World in 2012. �And of course there
>> may be cost savings in having the tunnels refurbished by the same
>> contractors.
>Why? Are they offering a 3 for 2 deal?

I expect any savings would come from requiring one management office
and one design team.
From: The Medway Handyman on
Tom Crispin wrote:

> The really good news is that the Blackwall Tunnel is to be tolled and
> this may provide the funds to build cyclists their much needed Thames
> Bridge. 50,000 vehicles pass through the Blackwall Tunnel daily, and a
> modest �1 toll would generate as much as �18m a year in revenue. The
> tolling could be automatic, similar to the tolling for driving in
> Central London, with automatic number plate recognition, and hefty
> fines for anyone who tries to dodge the toll.

Typical cyclist scum opinion.

Cyclists need their own 'special' bridge because they are 'special'.
Motorists should put their hands in their pockets yet again to pay for it.

Just like motorists pay for cycle lanes, advanced areas and maintaining the

Wheras cyclist scum just whinge about how hard they are done by, but don't
want to pay their way. Freeloading spongers the lot of them.

Dave - the small piece of 14th century armour used to protect the armpit.

From: Steve Firth on
The Medway Handyman <davidlang(a)> wrote:

> Cyclists need their own 'special' bridge because they are 'special'.

No need. They can just continue to cycle across the pedestrian only
bridges as they do at present.
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