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"Adrian" <toomany2cvs(a)> wrote in message
> "Bob Sherunckle" <zilspeed(a)> gurgled happily, sounding
> much like they were saying:
>> All I know is that when I was buying the bits, I had to give them the
>> reg. no.
>> If the car had been registered too late, they wouldn't have sold me the
>> bits.
>> There are, of course, ways around this. Like giving them the reg no. of
>> the earlier but identical car accross the street :-)
> Then you'll moan when they don't fit, since they've used the reg no to
> look up the VIN to look up the correct part - no more, no less.

Yep, I would moan.

Had I actually done that :-)


Seeing as this car was registered in May 2000, it's very safely in the pre
type approved bracket.
That being the case, I readily gave them the correct reg. number.
With the car in question, as long as you get the engine code right, you're
I'm enough of an anorak to have checked out and cross referenced every
available parts catalogue I could find and know that I've 100% definitely
ordered the correct parts.

All I was saying, was that depending on the vehicle, as long as you are able
to establish the stuff above, it would be possible to order the non approved

On a cheerier note.
Thanks to the combined wonders of compressed air, an impact driver, WD40,
tea, spanners, sockets and a cutoff saw, the old exhaust saw sense and gave
up the fight.

I trust the Citroen will never give me such problems...
(Yeah, I know - that's hoping a bit too much.)

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On 14 Mar, 22:09, Adrian <toomany2...(a)> wrote:
> Mike P <french...(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much like they
> were saying:
> >>> Ha!  I've owned too many French cars (i.e. more than 1) to believe
> >>> that you get the right parts by quoting registrations/chassis numbers
> >>> to parts people.
> >> Peugeot rear brakes certainly are... special... <grin>
> > Dealer can't work out which pads are needed for my 306 off the reg or
> > VIN...
> There really is only one way to tell. Look.

I'll be buying a car for the missus this week, so I'm going to take
the pads out the Pug and take them with me when I go for new ones..

> I swear there were two sets of boxes beside Jean-Claude on the line, and
> he just grabbed from one at random.

Only two?

> Wouldn't surprise me one bit if there were Pugs out there with mis-
> matched brakes from new.

I'd be surprised if there were two identical Pugs or Citroens around
going off my experience with the bloody things.

Not as bad as the 1986/87 C900 T16 I had mind you. That really was a
parts bin special.

Mike P