From: Harry Bloomfield on
Silk explained :
> On 12/12/2009 11:57, Harry Bloomfield wrote:
>> Silk expressed precisely :
>>> One of the first things you learn about as an Advanced Driver is not
>>> to concern yourself with things you have no control over.
>> So - YOU are the one I saw wearing blinkers the other day.
> You misunderstand. As the driver, I only concern myself with what I can
> control. I drive in such a way that I can avoid hitting things. This is
> achieved by a combination of anticipation and looking where I'm going.

I was not going anywhere, I was stationary in a queue. Good, safe
driving is about taking in everything in quickly, missing nothing and
yet managing to filter out those things which have no import so you are
not overwhelmed.

Harry (M1BYT) (L)

From: Mike on
On Fri, 11 Dec 2009 19:05:14 GMT, Harry Bloomfield
<harry.m1byt(a)> wrote:

>Stretch of Leeds DC ring road with a 70 limit.

Have you been speeding? Or are you just not aware of the speed

Due to the unique way transport projects in the South are funded there
are very few sections of dual carriageway on the Leeds ring road, and
even fewer sections still with a 70mph limit. The Stanningley
bypass, the Seacroft stretch shared with the A64 and the A653 Dewsbury
Road (does that last one count?) being the only remaining 70 limits
and I'm reasonably sure that none of them have any driveways leading
directly onto them. (maybe they do but I've never noticed!)

Of the other dual carriageway sections with driveways leading directly
to the dual carriageway I can only think of four, Crossgates,
Farnley, and West Park all with a 30 or 40mph limit. The fourth being
at Moortown just west of the A61 and that is also now a 40 limit.
Google earth shows four driveways entering what used to be a 70mph
stretch until about 6 months ago.

>That would have needed me to drive a few miles to the next roundabout,
>turn back onto the opposite carriageway and then deliberately run into

A few miles to the next roundabout?

Like how? The longest stretch of dual carriageway on the ring road ,
with driveways having direct access to it is about 1 mile

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