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> Indeed, it is. Particularly considering that the AWD magma/verandah
> used the same brakes as the Evo 4 and the RS (rally) variant of the
> Evo 5 onwards. The road variant of the Evo got bigger diameter rims
> and bigger brakes, but the RS kept smaller rims (15" IIRC) to keep
> sidewall height up for unsealed surface. So the "base model" evo
> brakes on a larger, heavier vehicle. As good as a WRX? At what,
> blowing up transmissions? :-p

Lol :)

Ozliar seems to be suggesting that simply by upping his power output he's
transformed what is basically a large, floaty awd sedan into something that
could genuinely contend with a WRX, and the reason I find that to be
incredibly funny is that no matter whether you like them or loathe them the
'Rex, in all it's forms, is generally a *brilliant* handling car that goes
incredibly hard.

What he's saying is akin to claiming that he turned a 6 cylinder HQ
Kingswood into the equivalent of an L-34 Torana by doing nothing other than
upping the power output of the red motor by 20 percent.

Of course, I fully expect him to come back with some bullshit about how he's
also done this and that, and changed this here, and modified that there, and
generally drift away from it being a standard AWD Magna with a blower to
being something that has been prepared for a round of NC Cup racing. I mean,
Jeez, give me enough time & money and I'll turn a Suzuki Swift into a Rex

What's more, I'll happily put the photo's up for anyone who wants to see
them :)


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> Anyway, gotta run, my magnesium bodied ferrari is being rubbed back to
> bare metal (somebody will hopefully get this) with wet n dry....

Nice :)


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> You're an idiot.

Pot, kettle, and all that.

> Noddy said that Mazda pitched towards women and hairdressers.
> I pointed out that Mazda does not...they actually pitch towards people
> who like well handling cars with their "rider and horse as one" image


So, when I visit my physio every second Thursday and thumb through old
editions of "New Idea" while I'm waiting for my appointment and see adds for
MX5's they're being pitched at the sports car driving set?

Truth be known Ozliar (you might want to look "truth" up to see what that
means) they probably pitch the car at a whole bunch of different
demographics, but then they're not stupid and appreciate that the things
don't have a reputation as "hair dresser's cars" for nothing.


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> On Wed, 26 May 2010 01:29:47 -0700 (PDT), st3ph3nm <s...(a)>
> wrote:
> >2 or 3 Production World Rally Championships would define it as a world
> >beater, wouldn't it?
> >Cheers,
> >Steve
> Actually it sucks compared to the real World beater, Lancia.
> Abnd as a road car the Subaru WRX is no world beater.
> OzOne of the three twins
> I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.

Yes, yes. Very relevant. And tell me, how many championships has the
Verada won?


(FWIW, Ford now hold the record for most championship round wins, with
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> I think it's fair to say that bang for your buck, the MX5 is a pretty
> damn impressive car.  But not nearly as quick as an Elise.
> Cheers,
> Steve

You know, all this comparison of speed with an MX-5 is probably all
irrelevant to a MX-5 buyer.

I never bought mine (NC) to win races. It was purely for the driving
experience and as a road car, the power it has was more than enough.

Certainly on a power track (and my experience on QR), the MX-5 was a
bit dull on the long straights (it took so long to get to the end of
the straight where the fun begins :-)). However, for me, the times
that I set was more to compare to other drivers driving similarly set
up car (read stock standard). So, you buy the car to see how good a
driver you are, and that you race against other DRIVERS, and not other
CARS if you know what I mean.

I traded it in after one year and only 10000kms covered only due to
practicality reasons (a baby and a need for a car with an auto box so
the Mrs can use when needed). The EVO X that I now have would leave
the MX-5 for dead but you know what, I miss my MX-5 (with the 6 speed
manual) so so much :-( The driving experience and the cabin of the
EVO X is nowhere near as good as the MX-5 (in the MX-5, you sit much
lower and with the roof off, it is just a bliss).

I have told my wife that one day a manual convertible will be back in
the garage (though perhaps next time it might be a Boxter S :-)


PS. for bang for your bucks, the current WRX probably would take some
beating (if you don't mind the understeer). Had one of these too in
the past.