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>He _might_ be married, but it'd be to some charmer that doesn't need to
>diet, (mainly because they can't fit a weighbridge in their bathroom, so
>she assumes she's still a size 8 just like in high school, and Oz shrunk
>her clothes in the wash

Projecting Johnny!

OzOne of the three twins

I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.
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: >> I can get ski gear and clothing (skis and poles go on the roof) for 5
: >> adults for a week in my boot including a case of wine and a couple of
: >> boxes of food.
: >
: >Presumably these "5 adults" are naturalists who don't wear many clothes
: >are on strict diets, or they're midgets who've escaped from the nearest
: >circus.
: No, as opposed to the circus of which you are ringleader....
: OzOne of the three twins
: I welcome you to Crackerbox Palace.

The guys at the international airport must think I'm a naturalist or just a
grot. I arrive in Oz with a laptop bag with no laptop in it, but 1 shirt and
1 shorts, 6 pairs of jocks 3kg of bean coffee (some usually in zip lock
plastic bags) and some carvings or similar. When I leave I have the largest
suitcase I can find stuffed with fishing, boating and computer gear and 2-3
laptops in the computer bag. I do this twice a year so the individuals
probably wouldn't know me in person but I would say the eyes in the ceiling
do. I make 100% on the laptops and most of the computer gear is for work or
personal. I'll have a couple of NAS boxes this year and a handful of
external terabyte drives, some more of those key ring photo frames, 10GB of
ram and a solar power setup.

Mate of mine is off south on Fri and I've already ordered 3 of the externals
from him. 3 business to do raid setups for.

Brad Leyden
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