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"Trev" <Trevor(a)hotmaildotcom> wrote in message
> Hi Garry,
> we spent a week in Adelaide looking at camper trailers this time last
> year. We were looking for a hard floor unit and the cub spacematic seemed
> like the best of the lot but priced at $21K it was a bit much considering
> it didn't give us much more space and comfort than our 30 year old Holiday
> Equipment Corvette camper trailer. One other problem we had to consider
> was the weight of the new units. Our camper is 400kg fully loaded. We
> would have to replace the 4Runner 2.4D so we could tow the 900kg + units
> with tinny or canoes on the roof. Of the camper trailers we saw the best
> value and ease of setting up we thought was the Heaslip see
> Also
> Coromal have some good stuff as well see
> Similar to the Jayco in some
> ways I think.
> We will follow this thread with interest as we are still looking and can't
> make up our minds which way to go.
> Cheers
> Trev

Thanks Trev, and thanks for the links.

I am starting to get a little concerned with the Jayco's as I have had a few
people now tell me that they are great on-road (even the off road models)
but don't take them onto a dirt road as they fall apart inside. The
workmanship inside on the cabinets etc is not as good as it should be for an
Off Road camper. This seems to be the general message I am getting.

Mind you I had a look at a local guys product yesterday, Koala Campers, and
they seemed reasonable. Not as flash as some of the $20,000+ units, but at
$7,000 seemed like a good buy.

He also showed me some of their off road caravans and I thought one was very
nice indeed. 18 footer, single axle pop top. Almost the same as the Jayco
inside except that underneath the suspension was like something I have never
seen before. Very heavy duty and solid independent trailing arm suspension
rated at 2.5 tonne.
Honestly, I would not have any hesitation taking this thing down any track
or dirt road.
The van all up only weighed 1400kg, not much more than the Jayco Swan
camper, and was priced at just $38,500 new.

It is still probably more than I wanted to pay, but I did like the idea of
ease of set up, which was virtually nothing!!

I guess the fuel factor is playing a big part in my decision too.

We have been spoiled with our sailing boat. It is 28 feet and is very
comfortable to live aboard. We can go away on that for a month and spend
about $100 all up (plus food). If we decide to go touring with a camper
trailer we are probably looking at about $100 per day just in fuel alone.
That part is weighing on my mind a bit!!