From: John_H on
Kev wrote:
>I just replaced my "supercharge" brand calcium battery after almost 6
>years, was a 780cca, Auto Elec replaced it with a 660cca, says it is
>just as good stating that manufacturers rate them differently. but I am
>sceptical. I did like the semi sealed Calcium with the full cover over
>the breathers. Now I have to make a cover for the new battery to stop
>acid splashing/getting on the bonnet when offroading(despite what
>Manufacturers say they ALL do it)

He's bullshitting of course, probably because he doesn't have a source
for calciums. I'd have gone elsewhere! :)

If you'd pushed him he'd probably also told you calciums won't stand
up to vibration or heat and aren't suitable for off-road use. I've
been running them in dozers for the best part of twenty years and
never had a failure in that application, which is about as tough as
the going ever gets.

They're also a lot more widely available than they once were.
Autobarn even had them last time I looked.

John H
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