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Petrol filler won't open - Mondeo
Pulled up for fuel and spent ten minutes struggling at pump trying to open petrol filler flap. I can hear a quiet click everytime I pull the lever but after 50 goes I had to give up and leave forecourt with no petrol. Any ideas? Can I open flap by pressing or pulling round the edges like I could do with my ol... 30 May 2010 20:54
Rover 75 CDTi towing socket question - electrics.
I'm just in the process of fitting the two sockets for towing. I bought the full CAN-bus driven N socket and its S socket partner, as recommended on Towsure's web site. Everything is going fine with the N socket, but I was a little surprised to find the recommended S socket was nothing more than a standard S... 31 May 2010 12:00
acea a5/b5 oil
Hi, My OH drives a Vauxhall Astra (1.4L petrol, 56 plate), which she has owned for a year, so it's time to change the oil for the first time. I've run into two problems, eurocarparts lists two oil filters; one is slightly longer than the other; which do I need? But my main concern is the oil. I saw some big... 8 Jun 2010 08:05
Trailer Electrics. Problems when unhooking
I have a Grand Cherokee 2004 with a factory fitted towbar and electrical hookup. I tow my Williams horse trailer with no problems, but when I have unplugged the electrical hookup, I use my indicators and they flash at double the speed. You know how they flash when a bulb goes? I have rectified the problem in the... 6 Jun 2010 05:08
New Clutch - Garage Liability?
Hello, A month ago we bought a six year old Mazda in a private sale that has had the clutch replaced by an independent garage beginning of March this year. The mechanic did not fit the speedo drive correctly, and as a result gearbox oil has leaked out. The previous owner and myself did not notice this through dr... 27 May 2010 13:46
Run-flat repairs?
Recently got a screw in one of the run-flat tyres on my Mini. It was in one of the grooves where the tread wear indicators are. Took it to National, who said it was illegal to perform repairs to run- flats and refused to do it. Took it to a back-street place which had been recommended to me and they did it wi... 29 May 2010 06:02
sealant on threads or not ?
Replacing a petrol fuel filter on a 94 Corolla. The replacement filter came with three new copper washers two for the top and one smaller size which is presumably for the bottom connection, (since there was not one in there, when we took the original filter off ?). When its all reassembled, it leaks from the ... 26 May 2010 23:34
Citroen c3 spring broken
Hello, My poor old c3 that I am always posting about has today broken the front o/s spring. I don't think there is any major damage, i.e. tyre not burst, so what sort of price am I likely to be charged to fix this? This did happen before but under warranty and then both front springs failed. I was told by the... 2 Jun 2010 18:45
Golf Mk IV reverse lights
My 2001 Golf Mk IV (TDI) has a reversing lights issue. I used to see them flash biefly off as I reversed on to my drive (reflected in the garage door) and not worry too much about it. But the "off" period got longer, and I investigated (wiggled) the rear light cluster wiring, but could find no obvious probl... 30 May 2010 07:54
Honda FR-V boot lock
Anyone any idea how to get access to this? Mine has virtually totally seized so was hoping to get it out, strip it, lube and re-install........but I don't want to end up breaking all the hidden plastic retainers. There's also no Haynes manual for this car. -- Regards, Ian ... 20 May 2010 08:24
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