BATTERYS! My Dad's '69 Impala's battery died, so he took it to WalMart.
They told him that no company made batterys for his car anymore. He
then took it to Pep Boys, and within the hour, had a brand new battery
in his car.*

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From: Noozer on
> My Crown Vic at work came with an Optima. Seems like a piece of junk.
> If I don't drive the car for a week I risk having a dead battery.

It's not your battery, it's your car that's a piece of junk.

From: Noozer on

> After reading this thread the only thing I can conclude is no one gets
> the same result even when the use the same batteries!! I used to
> always get Delco because that's what CostCo carried. And none of them
> lasted longer then 3 years and some only lasted a year. One year I
> had the delco batteries in both my cars go dead on the same day. The
> only good thing about them was the warranty.

I think it's sad. These days my purchases are based more on how long I'll
have a warranty instead of the lowest price or company reputation.

From: aarcuda69062 on
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me(a) wrote:

> My battery in my Mazda died the other day.
> Strange, I've never had a car battery die in the
> summer. Its always been the winter when low temps and
> load is present.
> Anyway..... I bought a replacement battery from
> Walmart cause it was an emergency (no time to shop
> around).
> Are their batteries any good?

Walmart has their vendors build to meet a price point, this is
usually accomplished thru substituting cheaper materials.

I've seen a number of Walmart batteries fail when less than 1
year old. All were bought based upon price.

> What brand/model car battery IS good?

I have an Interstate workhorse in my 'cuda that's been in there
for over seven years. Some winters during storage, it doesn't
even get disconnected. Great battery so far and I'm NOT a big fan
of Interstate batteries.
My wife's Intrepid has an Optima red top for 4 years, three of
those her drive to work is less than 1 mile. No trouble so far.
My Dakota pick-up has a NAPA version Exide that surprisingly
after 4 years is still doing fine considering that the truck gets
a lot of short trip usage.

My preference to sell is East Penn. Very high quality, test way
over their rating. Haven't had any premature failures.

I've routinely seen Delco batteries last over 10 years although
there were some instances a few years back where they had
problems with leaking side post terminals.
From: me on
Steve <no(a)spam.thanks> wrote:

>I've never had ANY battery last as long as the 4 Optimas I've had in 3
>different cars over the last 10 years.

Could it be that such widely varying service lives of
batteries is due to inconsistent quality control?