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> >> >It's 90 quid for 20 AH. My new battery was 36 quid for 40 AH.
> >> And if you keep a spare at home, charged and ready, it can compete
> >> with one of these boxes.
> > I have a spare which doubles as the standby for the central heating should
> > we have a power failure. Since doing that installation we haven't had one.
> > ;-)
> After the miners' strike I built a second coal house and put three tons of
> coal in it. There never was another strike and eventually we went over to
> gas anyway. I have a dipalidated building containing three tons of coal on
> my hands. Suggestions?
> Bill

You could probably build with it. The lattice of mortar would carry
most of the load. Do render it for fire safety though :)