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"Raymond Keattch" <ray.keattch(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much
like they were saying:

>>>> I would _so_ love to get you to do a blind test.

>>> No point.

>> For you to say that, you obviously can't have much faith in there being
>> a real, discernible, difference.

> There will be no agreement.

If the difference is that clear, why wouldn't there be?

>>> I have two pairs that sound very different to each other in my system.

>> So you should be able to easily identify them in a blind test.

> Are you willing to admit they sound different to each other? No, of
> course you wouldn't.

If they do, and if you can reliably identify which are which, then - yes,
I will certainly admit exactly that.

>> Shall we do it at the same time as I pop over and you give me a run in
>> the Rover to prove how fast you drive, how good the grip is, and how
>> good the tyres are? Went a bit quiet on that one, didn't you?

> You are quite welcome for a drive in the Rover. I wonder what point
> there would be though - you already admit to finding the Rover cramped.
> I have no doubt there are better tyres out there, so there is nothing to
> learn in that regard.
> I guess the only things to be discovered are do I smoke a pipe or wear a
> cloth cap while driving or do I dawdle along 10mph under the limit. If
> that is an agreeable set of terms then It would be great to meet you.

Merely taking you up on the challenge you issued a few weeks ago...

> However, you must agree the car is shiny ;-)

And I hope the Saab will be when you've finished polishing it for me.
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On 22/06/2008 15:53:34, David Taylor wrote:
> On 2008-06-22, Raymond Keattch <ray.keattch(a)> wrote:
>> On 22/06/2008 11:36:31, David Taylor wrote:
>>> On 2008-06-22, Raymond Keattch <ray.keattch(a)> wrote:
>>>> I am not the manufacturer trying to blind you with science and neither do I
>>>> gain financialy from you agreeing about the product. However, I am an
>>>> individual who has used the products discussed on my own car over the past
>>>> year.
>>> But you have proven yourself repeatedly in this thread to lack any
>>> sense of objectivity. It's all wooley subjective richness and deepness
>>> and clarity...
>>> Which have all been proven, repeatedly, to be complete bollocks when the
>>> same people are asked to compare products under scientific double-blind
>>> conditions (i.e. where their pre-conceptions _can't_ affect the result).
>> Can you explain your criteria for buying a product to improve the finish of
>> an item? Do you put yourself through this double blind rubbish everytime you
>> want to buy such a product?
>> Maybe you try a few and pick the one you like the best?
>> What are these pre-conceptions you describe? I buy product A and apply it to
>> the car. I buy and apply product B to the car. I make a judgment on what I
>> like best, by what I see on the car and what I as a person want from a
>> finish.
> I tend not to buy things based on "finish" and "shine" and "richness".
> I certainly would never spend £150, or even £30 on a piece of wire. I
> go for something that is good value & works, how it "feels" comes a
> distant second.

No probem with that at all - you put value over quality. You won't find me
critisicing you. Probably with most items I would agree, but I like my car to
have a good finish and I like my music to sound good.

Rover 75 CDTi
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On 22/06/2008 18:53:16, David Taylor wrote:
> On 2008-06-22, Raymond Keattch <ray.keattch(a)> wrote:
>> On 22/06/2008 11:42:17, David Taylor wrote:
>>> On 2008-06-22, Raymond Keattch <ray.keattch(a)> wrote:
>>>> On 21/06/2008 22:41:05, The Real Doctor wrote:
>>>>> As I recall, he said he had to travel four hours each way to do the
>>>>> job for you. Did he not make any charge for travelling time?
>>>> I still didn't pay for my car to be washed.
>>> He didn't even wash it!?
>> Yes he did, because an unwashed car shouldn't be machine polished.
> Well then, you did pay for your car to be washed.

I paid for the car to be detailed, which included a wash. Quite clearly
travelling for 8 hours to wash a car would be daft.

Rover 75 CDTi
From: Raymond Keattch on
On 22/06/2008 16:34:45, wrote:
> Raymond Keattch <ray.keattch(a)> wrote:
>> > No, he said it didn't need doing properly again for a few months - but you
>> > can't stop dirt landing so you have to keep up maintenence washing. Also,
>> > he might have just wanted to do it again - I'm not really sure why
>> > everyone is so against Ray taking care of his care. But as far as bait
>> > goes this whole thread proves what an amazing bite he can get heh.
>> Like washing a car that doesn't need washing, one can enjoy posting when one
>> doesn't need to ;-)
>> I just checked over the car - it is lovely and shiny, but I am going to wash
>> it today. Running my finger gently over the paint reveals the amount of dust
>> and other contaminants that are on the paint. I will enjoy washing it,
>> standing back afterwards with pride at the finish achieved.
> I'm going to let the Poles do mine whilst I visit a customer tomorrow.
> Their hourly rate is significantly less than mine, so it's a profitable
> transaction for both parties.

I took a video of our local africans doing the car today. He washed the
wheels, dipped the sponge in the bucket, then started washing the roof.
Considering the wheels will have sharp grit, sharp brake dust and a lot of
the mud, I bet the scratches being put on the roof looked great.

If you find such poor quality work ok because it is cheap, then that is your

Rover 75 CDTi
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On 22/06/2008 21:38:35, Adrian wrote:
> "Raymond Keattch" <ray.keattch(a)> gurgled happily, sounding much
> like they were saying:
>>> You want me to say there's a definite difference? Find me one panel,
>>> starting from an even start point, and show me it - in the flesh -
>>> after sections have been treated with the different products.
>> Want to put your car forward for the test - one door with Carnauba and
>> the other with Sealant?
> No problem. You can have a do it when I'm over with you to blind-test the
> interconnects and you prove how good you & the Rover are.

Well, as I said in another thread, I sold the expensive interconnects for a
�10 profit on what I paid for them.

> You know me... If I'm proved wrong I'll cheerfully and readily admit it, unlike some.

Are you far from me?

Rover 75 CDTi