From: Autos Pak on
Consumer Reports has officially given the Lexus GX the automotive
equivalent of a black eye. The publication has deemed the high-riding
luxury SUV a "safety risk" for its likelihood to go shiny side down
during emergency maneuvers, and as such, has put it on the
publication's infamous "Do Not Buy" list. During testing, the Consumer
Reports crew found that the traction control on the GX would allow
the vehicle to slide nearly completely sideways before getting
everything in line.

Interestingly enough, there's no mention of any problems with the
nearly-identical Toyota 4Runner. Is it possible that all of the luxury
goodies you'll find aboard the Lexus add enough pounds to overwhelm
the vehicle's stability control, or that the Lexus has significantly
different programming? It's possible.

So far, Toyota hasn't said much other than that it's concerned with
the Consumer Reports findings. Considering that the Japanese
manufacturer has had more than its fair share of bad publicity
recently, being blacklisted by CR is just another log on the fire.