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The media previews for the 2010 Beijing Motor Show are happening at
the end of this week, and assuming a certain Icelandic volcano doesn't
upset the atmosphere any further, we expect to be on hand. One of the
many possible debuts is a new Chevrolet-badged MPV concept. What may
make this vehicle particularly interesting is that it is said to be
propelled by the same Voltec extended-range EV powertrain used in the

How might one reach this conclusion? Well, the design patent that was
issued last week for the vehicle indicates that one of the credits is
given to Bob Boniface, the design manager that led the development of
the original Volt concept as well as the production Volt and Opel
Ampera. The association with Boniface as well as some of the design
details imply that this new vehicle will be an ER-EV. It's also worth
noting that the shape of the headlamps and taillamps as well as other
elements of the front fascia seem to be lifted directly from the Volt.
A very similar looking vehicle appeared briefly in a GM video released
last summer alongside the forthcoming production Chevrolet Orlando and
featured the same blocked-off grille used on the Volt. This vehicle
appears to be smaller than the Orlando and would likely be a roomier
five-seat alternative to the Volt.
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