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Family wants to cut deaths from police pursuits
On Sat, 26 Dec 2009 10:34:20 -0800 (PST) gpsman <gpsman(a)> wrote: Family wants to cut deaths from police pursuits By Kimball Perry - Johnny Kallmeyer should be celebrating the holidays. Instead, his family will be visiting his grave. Kallmeyer was killed in 2... 31 Dec 2009 19:53
Stuck behind Acrophobic driver in the O.C.
Yesterday I had the distinct displeasure of being stuck behind a driver with Acrophobia (fear of heights) on the I-405 to I-5 carpool lane flyover near El Toro, CA. As is the case with most carpool lanes in Southern California, the lanes are simultaneously express lanes that can only be entered or exited at desi... 23 Dec 2009 16:20
A "SAVAGE SERVILITY" -- "The Holiday Season" !!!
On Dec 22, 7:06 am, James Fenimore <slipuva...(a)> wrote: How many of us ever pause to ponder what propels millions to allow themselves [ourselves] to be caught up annually in the compulsive obsession with "holiday" shopping? As in, "Get outta my fuckin' way!" Marketing, and people following ... 24 Dec 2009 11:54
$5,000 Retro Fit Hybrid Kit
On Nov 10, 10:31 am, Bret Cahill <BretCah...(a)> wrote: Even the prototype is only $100K. Leave the big engine in there for the road trips. The unsprung weight doubles and the batteries might not always be near the or... 27 Dec 2009 01:16
Reg versus Premium Fuel experiament in 09 PT Cruiser
I have pretty much gotten a decent feel for the gas mileage to expect from my PT. The last three tanks averaged about 23 mpg. So when I filled up yesterday I put premium in it instead of regular. It's too early for a definitive answer but so far it looks like it's down 2 mpg over what I'd been getting. About wh... 23 Nov 2009 09:40
Another speeding DUI mom kills a kid
The penalties for all drunk driving need to be raised drastically, esp when kids are in the car. Let's stop coddling these kid-killers. icted_for_dui_kids_death_in_crash/srvc=home&position=recent Mom indicted for DUI, kid�s death in c... 25 Oct 2009 12:02
Help ID a car
Caught some thieves on video. Anybody want to take a stab at IDing the vehicle so we have a better idea of what to watch for? _sgrAN If the wrapping kills that url, try ... 14 Oct 2009 12:35
Do You Think Prius Owners Are Green?
On 2009-10-10, Scott in SoCal <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote: Lots of people in my neighborhood have Priusen. Some houses even have two parked in the driveway. These must all be great people who love the planet and want to fight Global Warming and all that stuff, right? So then explain to me why someone... 13 Nov 2009 15:35
Illegal mexican with "suspended drivers license" pleads "no contest"to murdering 4 year old white girl.
Bill Steele wrote: In article <e0122573b9d349deb9cf8118a7b689ac(a)>, "Mrs. Biden" <dumpy(a)> wrote: The suspended driver and illegal immigrant blew a red light and slammed a pickup into a minivan ... 2 Oct 2009 18:50
suicyclists again
>>> Between saturday and sunday I rode 60 miles. On sunday on my way home I am approaching a red signal in the right lane. I am doing it at speed which would be acceptable while driving. This woman driving a minivan zooms up on my left and then changes lanes into the right lane (intending to turn ri... 28 Jul 2008 17:13
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