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Christians are training the parrots!
No, I don't mean the churchgoers, but regular parrots that they train to the beat of God... What's a Monk Parrot doing in the middle of it? Bring the wisdom of the jungle and the hope of freeing flight. I... 11 Jul 2010 19:24
On Jul 10, 12:03 pm, This is Sparta <roman...(a)> wrote: White Liberals are world's biggest cowards. Heads in the sand! Liberal degeneracy has had a negative impact on American males. Soft-bellied, they and their slatternly wives ingest the swill from Oprah and other nincompoops. ... 11 Jul 2010 08:19
GM Using The Mercedes Playbook
The "new GM" (which looks amazingly like the "old GM" that went bankrupt last year) has adopted at least one chapter from the Mercedes playbook. However, Mercedes should not consider imitation the sincerest form of flattery. Advertising for the new Buick Regal concentrates on it being a reskinned version of the ... 30 Jul 2010 16:24
Breathalyzer tests to BUY booze are coming!! Friday, July 9, 2010 Since the scum public can’t be trusted to control themselves after drinking a glass of wine, the state government of Pennsylvania has begun trials for a system that could eventually be rolled out in grocery s... 21 Jul 2010 12:30
Should we downsize our pets in order to be frugal?
Not a bad idea. Get rid of kids too; in fact soon we'll be able to get rid of people Just download them into software worlds. ... 10 Jul 2010 11:40
CCTV 'spy cars' rake in �8m in fines after catching nearly 200,000 victims
"Speeders & Drunk Drivers are DEADLY PSYCHOPATHS" <josegoldberg(a)> wrote in message news:6d621d84-d220-43e1-90ac-fd27e01ddc9b(a) This is where we need <snip> gun group numb nuts ... 8 Jul 2010 19:16
CCTV 'spy cars' rake in £8m in fines after catching nearly 200,000 victims
This is where we need spy cams seeing that reckless drivers are a bigger threat to each of us than all other criminals put together!!! Get the cams out of the schools and businesses and put them on the roads and catch these killers. 11 Jul 2010 21:39
La Sociedad de Ladrones de Autos y Narcotraficantes
On Jul 8, 6:06 am, Jose(a)Casa_Mierda wrote: an important new hispanic society is forming right here in America! a society of car thieves and drug smugglers! Any decent car would be defiled by the mestizoes. Corona bottles, dirty diapers, used sanitary napkins. A distinct odor of filth and decay. Should be co... 8 Jul 2010 09:12
Bugatti smashes world land speed record by driving at incredible268mph
Aunt whatever her name is would have a heart attack Just what i want for a grocery getter. :) ... 6 Jul 2010 20:05
You can blame the War on Drugs on the Cook!
OK, let's leave the Christians alone for a while (while they are busy praying and making money) and face another problem... What are going to do with the cook? How about all those contractors who make a living out of the Prison Industry? It ain't easy, you know... Re: What would happen if we legalized drugs? W... 6 Jul 2010 18:58
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