From: Ad absurdum per aspera on
The scene: three lanes each way with a chicken lane in the middle,
where I'm near the tail end of a short string of cars stopped and
awaiting their chance to turn left into a parking lot that serves a
pair of big-box stores.

Coming up on us in the traffic lanes is Mr. Important Business Person
in one of those Cadillacs with the canvas top that looks like, but
isn't, a convertible. I'd noticed the car a few blocks earlier.

He's on the phone, of course. Got people to go and places to meet.

He passes all of us waiting in line for a left turn and makes a big
pear-shaped U-turn, followed immediately by a right turn into the
parking lot.

Well, I thought he was just being a commonplace MFFY who couldn't wait
his turn. But then I see him again... after getting all the way to
the store at the other end of a big parking lot, he goes down a
couple of parking lanes... heads back the way he'd come... and

When last I saw him he still had his hand to his head in that
instantly recognizable posture of someone either scratching a fresh
lobotomy scar or using a cell phone when driving.

This maneuver took him past perhaps a hundred or more open parking
spaces where he might have stopped to hold his conversation and/or get
his bearings in complete safety and courtesy. Definitely my minimum
daily requirement of irony...