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>>>>> Hi
>>>>> Not sure if this is the right group, I'm sure someone can point me in
>>>>> the right direction if not.
>>>>> I have a Citroen C4 Grand Picasso, 4 months from new. Last week it
>>>>> cut out a couple of times and was difficult to re-start, followed by
>>>>> various error messages including "depollution system faulty"
>>>> That will be the Diesel Particulate Filter getting clogged up - a
>>>> common problem on modern diesels of lots of makes. If you only do
>>>> short journeys it won't gte hot enough to burn off the soot and will
>>>> clog up.
>>>> The solution is to drive round at higher speeds for at least half an
>>>> hour apparently!
>>> Ah, the old "Italian test drive" !
>> Not necessarily thrashing it , just driving at such a speed as it gets
>> up to proper operating temperatures.
> ...and then sustaining that temperature for long enough that DPF
> regeneration takes place.

Well, according to the software.. For instance-Astra's, Vectra's and the ilk
with the 1.9 Fiat engine and DPF require 2000rpm or more and MUST be in 5th
or 6th gear for the re-gen to begin- now that's actually over 70mph in

[1]- no i couldn't understand the programming logic either..


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do you think that buying diesel was the best option ?

Not using the car enough to warm up, low mileage etc (15p per litre more)