From: Jason James on
For the most part, truckies today are much better drivers than years ago.
The example I remember like it was yesterday, was driving between Narromine
and Dubbo. As I approached a down-hill length, I saw two prime-mover cabin
rooftops side by side in the shimmering heat. As I topped the hill I was
presented with one semi trying to overtake another. The truck on my side
threw his rig into the dirt, and I sailed down between them.

With cars, I was the passenger while a trainee drove us to Parkes. As we
turned into a long straight, a low-loader with a weather-board house on
board, was approaching a narrow bridge between him and us. I shouted to my
trainee to slow-down and pullover. He didnt seem to understand,..he started
to brake, but we were almost to the bridge. The LL had almost left the
bridge and we had run out of road. My trainee swung hard left, travelled
along the dirt-verge, then pulled hard right to fly up behind the LL. We
were now on the bridge with oncoming traffic. My trainee then stared into
the rear-vision mirror while heading into a head-on with the OC traffic.
Another scream from me, and he straightened up. My first inclination was to
take over driving,..but I bit my lip and told him to keep going.