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Scott in SoCal <scottenaztlan(a)> writes:

> Last time on, Patrick Scheible <kkt(a)>
> said:
> >> What's preventing Caltrans from upgrading CA-17 -- aside from funding
> >> issues?
> >
> >1. It would need a mostly new alignment over the mountains. That
> > would be expensive and require condemning quite a few cabins of the
> > rich.
> >
> >2. Santa Cruz people don't want to add to the commute traffic.
> CalTrain to the rescue!!

Um? You mean around via Watsonville? Or resurrecting the long-dead
over the hill right of way?

Watsonville would take way, way too long, even for people who are used
to long-distance commuting.

The over the hill right of way has been split up, most parts sold. I
explored substantial parts of the Santa Cruz County side on foot in
the mid-80s. One tunnel is a business records storage vault. Another
has reportedly collapsed. Part of the ROW is a horse and hiking
trail. Part is now under Lexington Reservoir. I'm not saying it
would be impossible, but it would not be a quick or easy fix.

-- Patrick
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"Scott in SoCal" <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote in message

>>2. Santa Cruz people don't want to add to the commute traffic.
> CalTrain to the rescue!!

IIRC, they opposed that idea, too.

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From: video guy - on
On May 2, 8:15�am, Larry Sheldon <lfshel...(a)> wrote:
> Lot of commute traffic would use that route, you think? �How long would
> it take to get from say Gilroy to say Scotts Valley?

Why would anyone want to leave Gilroy to go to Scotts Valley?
From: spsffan on
Larry Sheldon wrote:
> On 5/2/2010 10:21, Larry Sheldon wrote:
>> My oldest daughter was born in San Francisco (as were the other two) and
>> I do,'t think I280 had been built between about where I380 is now and
>> where California 85 is (was).
> That was relevant because she was born about 40 years ago and I clearly
> remember driving up Skyline to that junction--what I'm not so clear on
> was how much was finished along that route--but I do remember
> negotiating the detours above San Bruno.

I'm not sure about the whole thing, but my uncle lived in Ladera (near
Portola Valley), off the Alpine Road exit. I guess that my earliest
recollections of visiting about 1969, it wasn't complete San Jose to
SF. But it was in the early 70s, and certainly by the time I was driving

Funny thing about my uncle's location. The freeway was closer than the
regular had to go past 280 about a mile to get to the
north/south street. That part of the freeway was there ever since I
remember, and a typical trip into Palo Alto was Alpine Rd. to freeway to
Page Mill Road. Getting to Page Mill on the streets was a fair detour.

But I DO seem to remember having to cut over to 101 to get to downtown
San Francisco. It's still the most direct route since 280 goes way out
to the west near Daly City, and if you are headed north of Market
Street, you want the 101 anyway.
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Scott in SoCal <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote:

> Last time on, "Oscar Voss" <oscar.voss(a)>
> said:
> >"Scott in SoCal" <scottenaztlan(a)> wrote in message
> >news:ncrot5pfirhm6gg9db829be0bbj6m33rmm(a)
> >
> >>>2. Santa Cruz people don't want to add to the commute traffic.
> >>
> >> CalTrain to the rescue!!
> >
> >IIRC, they opposed that idea, too.
> Then I guess the only solution is to build an airport! :)

Giant pneumatic tube network? Or would that be too much like a rail

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