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"Athol" <me(a)> wrote in message

> Of course, but that was before he decided to try to dig himself out of
> that hole instead of admitting that he was wrong. :-)

Ain't ever going to happen :)

Last place I worked at where I did any aluminium welding we had 6 large
argon bottles all manifolded together. Not because there was a high demand
for the gas ( I was the only one using the argon and the required flow rate
as only 20 litres per minute), but because the torch was literally running
all day and we needed the capacity.


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<OzOne> wrote in message news:p9ec83he9eoc1qj22vbfp30h4om3e2p1hr(a)

> Yeah Noodle..9kg......BBQ cylinder.

No Oz, 45kg "plumbers bottle".

They're about 4 feet tall, hold around 100 litres when you fill them at the
servo, and they're commonly used by roof plumbers.

I thought you'd know all about them, but clearly that ain't the case :)

> Ummmm what does 'in situ" mean to you?

Not carrying it around in your back pocket.


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<OzOne> wrote in message news:2oec83p821ptefg83eqanrr4abq9s944ri(a)

> Would you be using compressed Argon or Liquid Argon Noodle?

Clearly you ain't ever welded aluminium either.

What kind of boats did you build again?


From: John McKenzie on
Paul Saccani wrote:
> I'll just clarify here, that what I am talking about is the heat of
> vapourisation that is required to pressurise the liquid and move it to
> the convertor, and not the amount of heat required to vapourise 80 l
> of LPG, which would be in the order of 35 kJ.

Don't worry, we got that.

John McKenzie

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<OzOne> wrote in message news:5u5e83dmo18629rquu1jgv3i2gltmb472g(a)

> Was a valid question Noodle you obviously cannot answer it.

Um, no Oz.

You don't use liquified Argon for welding, and I thought that would be
obvious to *anyone* who has ever picked up a tig torch.

Clearly, you haven't, or you wouldn't have asked.

> But yeah. I have welded ally and ss.

What did you use to weld stainless?


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