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> So you don't weld weld in your profession as a
> motor mechanic.....

Lol :) Are you a spastic or something? :)

Here's a few basics for you to ponder Oz.

There are *thousands* of people out there who weld professionally who don't
hold welding tickets. Secondly, you don't *need* a welding ticket to be
employed as a welder.

The short answer is that it's their *job*. They do it for a living
regardless of the fact that they have a "ticket" or not.

> Nope.... I sold the equpment with the business.
> But If you need one I'm sure they'll help.

I'll give them a call and see if they can help.

I'm not surprised you couldn't though, you showbag :)


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> And stainless too.....

On anything you like.

> Nope, it isn't , though they tried to sell us a similar unit....close
> to $20K IIRC....for a small capacity one.

Sure Oz.

I'd happily bet big money on you not knowing what one was if the sales rep
tried to pound one up your clacker.


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"Noddy" <dg4163@(nospam)> wrote...

>> Better explain that guage on the tanker that measures in litres and
>> the invoices that arrive where I'm charged in litres for the fills.
>You really have no concept of the world outside your little domain, do you?

When I lived on "acreage" out of town we had Elgas supply our LPG. The
truck filled our 300kg cylinder using, as "Oz One" suggested, hoses. It
filled and charged by the litre. The Elgas truck was also equiped with a
computer doodad that printed an invoice on site, which included the amount
of gas and cost and cents/litre, which at the time ran to close to a
dollar a litre.
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> So you don't weld professionally ... you weld in your profession as a
> motor mechanic?

For the second time, no.

A lot of my "professional" welding time was spent in engine rebuilding shops
doing weld repairs of cylinder head castings, blocks, and whatever else they
required me to do. They'd also take on welding jobs from local engineering
firms in the form of anything ranging from truck fuel tank steps to
repairing the tanks themselves and various alloy repairs such as holed
sumps, inlet manifold repairs or anything else.

In that time, I never lifted the bonnet on a car, and was the resident
"welder" amongt other things.

My sheetmetal welding time is strictly amatuer, limited to what I do here in
my garage. That said, I do some reasonably elaborate stuff in the form of
custom bodywork. I get paid for it, but I wouldn't exactly call if
"professional work" in the strictest sense.

> I didn't ask what "they" did.......

Of course you didn't. You don't want to know, as it doesn't fit with your
ridiculous theory.


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> Ahhh so your welding was done as a Fitter/Machinist not a Mechanic.

I wasn't using a lathe or mill while I had the welding torch in my hand :)


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