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I went to Auzgas Bayswater Melbourne this morning to get a quote for
converting my 2001 Holden VX SS to LPG/Gas and was quoted $3,200 for a IMPCO
They stated I would lose roughly 5% performance, get 75 litres of use out of
the installed tank and use approximately 15-20% more on gas than unleaded.

EZYGAS quoted me A$4,290as follows:-

This system will give you more power than petrol and also excellent economy.
With every conversion you will receive:

- 3 year warranty/100,000 km warranty
- Free gas service at 1000km
- Lifetime warranty on labour
- BP discount card that will give you 2 cents of per litre (you can use for
rest of your life).
- If required will replace spark plugs/air filter inc in price.
- Free tank of gas

I am after some advice please or thoughts from people that have had their
cars done through either company.
Thank you.

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From: Slattery (H0llyw00d H0gan) on
The Ezygas quote was for Seqential Vapour Injection.

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