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>>> I was actually giving that some thought today, still in the market for
>>> something new to drive (as always but procrastination is becoming an art
>>> form for me) I was looking at a couple of VW models and they also have
>>> the
>>> convex mirrors, how receptive would the sales droid be if I said "If you
>> can
>>> replace the two convex rear view mirrors with flat ones you have a sale"
>>> Personally I think they might strain muscles getting to the car's
>>> mirrors
>>> with a hammer and looking for the card of a local glazier :-)
>> Of course they would, if the cost to them is less than what they would
>> otherwise be prepared to give you as a discount. So why would you not be
>> better off simply haggling for a better deal and driving to a glazier
>> yourself?
>> MrT.
> Haggle it to the lowest then make it a further condition.


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Bernd Felsche wrote:
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>>> My wife's 2006 Honda Jazz has a convex driver's side mirror. I'm looking
>>> for someone to supply a replacement flat mirror in Melbourne - does anyone
>>> have any ideas on who I can call?
>>> While I was googling to try to find a supplier, I came across what seems
>>> to be the current ADR for rear vision mirrors:
>>> <$file/ADR1401comp1FINALFRLI.pdf>
>>> The ADR says that the external driver's side mirror must be flat. How
>>> then have Honda been able to sell this car with a convex mirror?
>> All of the newish cars I've driven lately of European or Japanese build,
>> including commercial, have convex drivers side (and passenger) mirrors,
>> although some (supposedly) have a flat portion with only the outside being
>> convex.
>> Ever tried reversing a large trailer using only mirrors when the fuckers are
>> convex? Not fun!!
> It's not even fun reversing down a narrow lane with the
> space-warping mirrors.

they are fine for watching side clearances
it's viewing and determining distances of objects behind the vehicle
that is difficult